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  1. 10 hours ago, bigted said:

    nice rhymes brothers, here we go again....

    now is the time to reach climax
    with more premieres than cinemax
    this individual won't slack
    feeding off of physical contact
    it's all on momentum like a contract
    but it's a bigger dividend than supplied cash
    your stock in the draft
    is faltering to crash
    i have all the upper hand
    like having a nutricious supper in advance
    a craft of victorious vision in circumstance
    a message to those who aren't believing
    in the flow to pursue rather than getting even
    won't be begging at more people
    at 33 my eyes are set on jesus
    my hobbies won't leave me deceiving
    penetrate my way towards eternity
    every set of concern rolls deep
    no,mention of any hurt on me
    the best is ahead on each breath i breathe

    is divinity reserved for the trinity?
    I'm living in sin you see
    I been deceived god received
    trying hard but not sure if I believe
    I've stared down a path of rightousness
    but justice failed me do I fight for this?
    or give up on the path of enlightenment
    sight seen heightened then repent
    I'm drained I'm spent
    walking through the deserts like its lent
    I want to be a good person
    but life's attacks leaves me uncertain
    not sure if what I do matters
    tried hard but ended in tatters
    hanging on to a thread
    bared my soul now need to be led
    goodness overcome the evil
    I don't want to be fearful
    I want to lead out of the darkness
    found the light and now I spark it

  2. 10 hours ago, fan 4ever said:

    Busy doing life, doing it right
    teacher by day, vigilante by night
    saving women from a lonely bed
    thirty-two, still messed up in the head
    as crazy as the first day we met
    with that said, let's break some bread
    raise your glass, a toast to the past
    to friendships that didn't last
    to the people we lost too fast
    to the assholes we can't stand
    all the money we spent on rent
    to broken hearts and shattered dreams
    to growing up, a pain in the ass it seems
    the writing's on the wall, but we keep going
    heart keeps beating, blood stays flowing
    the sun keeps shining so we keep glowing
    bask in the light, let it in
    it's the power we need to commit another sin


    wow incredible man :clap::clap:

  3. I can’t believe this

    I can’t believe this

    I’m rattled life in pieces

    like Seattle nights and sleepless

    I’m grieving, I’m speechless

    I’m dying not faecitious

    I was drinking, she was drinking

    We was dancing wasn’t thinking

    It’s not excuses

    Look the truth is

    i just cut loose is

    Just what grey goose produced this?

    I swear if we get through this

    I’ll never ever do this again

    Baby let me prove it

    Please don’t throw me deuces

    Look at me

    Boo pleas look at me

    My words keep coming out crookedly

    but they can’t capture look and see

    I’ll do anything 


    I’m passionate

    I’ll be an activist

    Against other assholes who act like this

    But let’s not end cause of an accident


    Freak... Accident

    I don’t know how I got into this

    She was a freak... accident

  4. On 2/8/2018 at 12:47 AM, bigted said:

    I just came up with a bright idea to gets ome life back in this forum, I remember back in the days of the JJFP forum of the Numero Uno forum where there was a lot of creativity and that did a lot to motivate me,  I wanna bring that feeling back so without further ado here's a rhyme that i made recently, feel free to add on peeps, let's kick it off!!

    as the clocks continue to turn
    i'm putting stock into a concern
    there'll be major props in the world
    end of the days of hurting
    the strain of the daily burdens
    putting into care like nursing
    there's destiny for so much more
    time to release and live for what's in store
    releasing the hammer on the dance floor
    striving for peaceful ways instead of war
    more time to open up the heart
    instead of living torn apart
    there's more of an added charged
    manage the advantage large
    2018 brings on a brand new start
    this feeling rolls true to last
    learning from what went wrong in the past
    to bring on recording of more tracks
    all the importance of a trained staff

    bask in the glory of the past
    life moves so damn fast
    getting older now less bolder
    uncertainty reigns supreme
    streams of consciousness
    get lost amidst the raucosness
    hosting all this history
    looking back at you looking at me
    eyes hold memories that weigh you down
    colder lonely soul not found
    trekking towards the end
    closer to what we call death
    travelled on highs now at the very depths
    seen more wish I'd seen less
    strains of life held with each breath
    struggle on - this ****s a true test