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  1. On 2/8/2018 at 12:47 AM, bigted said:

    I just came up with a bright idea to gets ome life back in this forum, I remember back in the days of the JJFP forum of the Numero Uno forum where there was a lot of creativity and that did a lot to motivate me,  I wanna bring that feeling back so without further ado here's a rhyme that i made recently, feel free to add on peeps, let's kick it off!!

    as the clocks continue to turn
    i'm putting stock into a concern
    there'll be major props in the world
    end of the days of hurting
    the strain of the daily burdens
    putting into care like nursing
    there's destiny for so much more
    time to release and live for what's in store
    releasing the hammer on the dance floor
    striving for peaceful ways instead of war
    more time to open up the heart
    instead of living torn apart
    there's more of an added charged
    manage the advantage large
    2018 brings on a brand new start
    this feeling rolls true to last
    learning from what went wrong in the past
    to bring on recording of more tracks
    all the importance of a trained staff

    bask in the glory of the past
    life moves so damn fast
    getting older now less bolder
    uncertainty reigns supreme
    streams of consciousness
    get lost amidst the raucosness
    hosting all this history
    looking back at you looking at me
    eyes hold memories that weigh you down
    colder lonely soul not found
    trekking towards the end
    closer to what we call death
    travelled on highs now at the very depths
    seen more wish I'd seen less
    strains of life held with each breath
    struggle on - this ****s a true test

  2. 1 hour ago, Jazzy Julie said:

    I reckon he at least checks it out and reads what we write on here. He cares too much about what people think haha.

    is that definitely his Facebook though. There’s a lot of fakes about. 

    And “I’d give a try” is not exactly proper English my money is on it being fake...

  3. 2 hours ago, Ale said:


    One thing is for sure though: seeing Will back in action made me realize how much I want 'Bad Boys 3'. But I'm also excited to see what he's able to do as the Genie in 'Aladdin' :)


    It annoys me that Will has already signed on to do a bright sequel and is no longer doing bad boys 3

  4. 2 hours ago, Big Willie said:

    I wouldn’t call a persons acting career dead when in the last 2 years he’s been nominated for a golden globe, starred in a top 10 grossing movie of 2016, that also won an Oscar, all be it for makeup. 

    Anyone under 25 is not interested in a movie from Will Smith... people saw suicide squad because of Margot Robbie and the joker... if bright was released in cinemas it would be another box office failure...it’s like when you see a great actor be in a string of bad movies and then they start to appear in straight to DVD type material. The fact is Will no longer is the drawer he was in the 90s because of continued poor choices in movies...

  5. Okay so I’ve seen Bright. I think Will is in good in it and so is Joel Edgerton - I actually felt sorry for Jacoby... but the other characters/actors in the movie would barely be passable in a d grade horror movie... and the villain like in suicide squad is appalling... and the story is completely nonsensical! (She’s after the wand!) is basically the whole plot...

    you guys might not put any weight on critics but suicide squad and bright are nowhere near Enemy of the State, 6 Degrees, Bad Boys 2, Men in Black, Hitch and I Am Legend. I seriously don’t think Wills been in a good movie in 10 years. I only watch his movies now because he’s in them but otherwise I wouldn’t bother. I think his movie career is effectively dead at this point.


  6. We've rounded up the best critic slams of Smith and the fantasy-action feature directed by David Ayer and written by Max Landis, which begins streaming Friday.


    "Congratulations, Netflix! You can make a visually grotesque, dreadfully dull and hopelessly convoluted would-be franchise action movie just as well as the stereotypical Hollywood machine! If anything, Bright is a giant Christmas/Hanukkah gift from Netflix to the major studios. It shows the streaming giant falling on its face in its attempts to replicate the so-called Hollywood blockbuster."


    "The problem is that this richly-constructed world often comes at the expense of characters ... Will Smith is more or less on autopilot, doing what everyone pretty much expects from a Will Smith action movie these days. In fact, if the name 'Ward' wasn't directly printed on the uniform of Smith's character, we would've just assumed that we were looking at Suicide Squad's Floyd Lawton."


    A movie that "boasts all the production value of an episode of Charmed, Netflix’s first mega-budget film effort starts with a potentially compelling premise that never gets off the ground." 

    Rolling Stone:

    "You'll get lots of violence and colorful threats and confusing shoot-outs, but you're not going to get much meaning." 

    The Wrap:

    "Astoundingly bad in virtually every way, Bright shares in common several of the shortcomings of Ayer’s previous film, including conspicuous evidence of desperate efforts to cobble its under-explained and yet somehow overcomplicated mythology into something coherent."

    And: "Smith seems lost here as Daryl, even as he retreads his wiseacre pose from films like Independence Day and especially Men in Black."

    The New York Times:

    "(Ayer) strayed into empty superhero theatrics with the slapdash Suicide Squad (co-starring Mr. Smith) and again dilutes his integrity with Mr. Smith’s lightweight sitcom likability. You’ll find beatings, shootouts, car crashes, awkward analogies and a measure of buddy badinage in Bright, but true enchantment is in short supply."