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  1. Hero1

    Magnificent 3

    He isn’t. Only guests are Dayne jordan, amir and rhymefest - music by the playlist.
  2. Hero1

    Will's official Youtube channel

    We going on a boat...I surely hope that it stay afloat because if I drown I might die..no more burgers no more fries...
  3. Hero1

    Movement on Bad Boys III

    Okay that’s a terrible name that has nothing to do with bad boys. Weird.
  4. Sent Shane Eli a message. he and his producing partner did indeed produce "Freak Accident." He said they did the track a while ago and they don't know if Will is going to officially release it but he said when he talks to Will he's going to let him know the fans want it! Fingers crossed!
  5. is divinity reserved for the trinity? I'm living in sin you see I been deceived god received trying hard but not sure if I believe I've stared down a path of rightousness but justice failed me do I fight for this? or give up on the path of enlightenment sight seen heightened then repent I'm drained I'm spent walking through the deserts like its lent I want to be a good person but life's attacks leaves me uncertain not sure if what I do matters tried hard but ended in tatters hanging on to a thread bared my soul now need to be led goodness overcome the evil I don't want to be fearful I want to lead out of the darkness found the light and now I spark it
  6. this bit is brilliant: "I’ll do anything Abstinence I’m passionate I’ll be an activist Against other assholes who act like this" Will is back!!!!
  7. I love brakes version! I have this on repeat now. This song gives me a holla back vibe I love it!
  8. Yes I am getting Switch vibes! This has had like 13 million views in a couple of days. Will needs to drop the single now! Will bumpin up his social media following has given his new music a real chance.. who needs radio when you got instagram!
  9. Hero1

    Okay, so "this" happened..

    The rapping in that verse is very similar to lost and found. The subject matter is very fresh prince. It’s the first proper rap track we’ve heard from him in 13 years.
  10. Hero1

    Okay, so "this" happened..

    I wanna hear the full song it sounds great.. and the first proper rap song we have heard from Will in ages.
  11. bask in the glory of the past life moves so damn fast getting older now less bolder uncertainty reigns supreme streams of consciousness get lost amidst the raucosness hosting all this history looking back at you looking at me eyes hold memories that weigh you down colder lonely soul not found trekking towards the end closer to what we call death travelled on highs now at the very depths seen more wish I'd seen less strains of life held with each breath struggle on - this ****s a true test
  12. Hero1

    Will's official Youtube channel

    Yeah he was on tv a lot! At the tennis and the cricket!
  13. Hero1

    Will's official Youtube channel

    Interestin* to see Will in Melbourne in the last episode...
  14. Damn Nat. How are you going? We all saw Will and jeff together a few months ago I’m the uk it was amazing!
  15. Hero1

    Get Lit

    That was ghost written? Damn..why??? Please will just visit jeffs house/studio
  16. Hero1

    Movement on Bad Boys III

    Are they good at comedy man?
  17. Hero1

    Movement on Bad Boys III

    Okay now I’m excited for this!
  18. Hero1

    Movement on Bad Boys III

    The scripts never gonna be perfect they just need to decide to do it.
  19. Hero1

    I finally got to meet Will!

    Awesome man. Love the pics!
  20. Hero1


    Funny story! Happy birthday JJ!
  21. Hero1

    Inviting him to the forum

    And “I’d give a try” is not exactly proper English my money is on it being fake...
  22. Hero1

    Inviting him to the forum

    Haha wow! That would be amazing if Will posted here!