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Hip-hop star ICE-T found acting inspiration in the unlikely form of WILL SMITH - simply because he was jealous of the Oscar nominee's million dollar success. The rapper-turned-actor, who stars in LAW AND ORDER: SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS UNIT, confesses he was spurred on to concentrate on his acting career after learning Smith could command huge fees for film appearances. Ice-T, real name TRACY MARROW, tells AllHipHop.com, "I wanted to really focus on my acting because that's a great opportunity and I really wasn't taking it serious. "I was just doing movies here and there but I was like 'Will Smith is getting $20 million every movie, I really need to focus on my acting and step it up.'"

08/11/2006 17:19


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David Hasselhof?

Anyway, funny stuff.

You're all about Baywatch today aint cha? :lol:

But anyway, I find it funny that Ice T is being what he acted like on Chappelle Show... a Playa Hater. I really didn't see the article as a jealousy statement. It was more of an inspiration. "hey, this guy is making this much money doing this, and I could very well too if I put forth the effort." Either way, let's see if he really steps it up.

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Sure Ice-T's jealous of Will's success when his new album only sells 700 copies in his first week sales despite having a show on VH1, I could see why

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I don't think "jealous" waz the word 2 use in the title of this post. FP and Ice-T are good friends...it would be silly 2 put them against each other. I don't think Ice-T should really expect 2 have the same kinda success tho.' His and FP's careers are very different. FP started off with the straight East Coast Hip-Hop laced with comedy which made him accessable 2 a mainstream audience. His clean cut image and more accept subject matter helped his fame and success move him 2 the next level. Ice-T came out with the gang-heavy West Coast hardcore Hip-Hop sound filled with cussing and gritty street stories. U can't navigate the same kinda career as someone totally different. I think Ice-T is a great talent and one of the smartest emcees ever...but he hasn't always made the best choices and alot of his original fans have sold him out.

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I don't blame him...

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