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[quote=Da Brakes,Aug 10 2004, 05:36 AM]I just used my rap name as my sign in name!! Its also my nickname as well![/quote]
:werd: Me too.
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KevTastic's become my nickname, and my DJ name. I've even got it put on the back of my new Footy shirt.

It comes from my full name, Kevin Tasker

Everything's KevTastic
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Mine is pretty easy to figure out 2- bad boys, one of will's best movie.
It used to be badboys123 in the other forum cuz someone already had badboys... And i guess when i registered in here it was available! So yeah, thats the story about my name :sonny:
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well mine was when I was at my friends house back in '99 or maybe earlier (it was a while back because i remember sonic adventure being out and I was big on sonic adventure and also napster was free *sniff* those were the days) anyway I was big on the game sonic adventure and after years of sounding like a crazy preacher in 4th and 5th grades my dream came true sega rose agian!! and sonic was back!! anyway I got an e-mail address on mail.com and that was my name sonic(as in sonic the hedgehog) and 1988 the year I was born. the reason why I got a e-mail address there was that I didn't have a computer yet. I got it in 2001
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[quote=TopDawg14,Aug 12 2004, 01:06 AM]I picked Top Dawg because... I'M THE TOP DAWG!!!!! LOL. Top Dawg just sounded cool. Actually one of my old online names was 1Dawg but I changed it to Top Dawg because some other user had 1Dawg. The "14" is my birthday added up(5/27 - 5+2+7=14).[/quote]
i always thought it was from that episode of fresh prince :kekeke:
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