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Jada Coming To UK

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I wasn't sure which part to put this put since it's music it will go here....

Jada is coming to the UK with her band as a supporting act for the UK dates of Britney Spears' current tour

Source - Trl UK - 17th March 2004
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yep here's the article..

Jada Pinkett-Smith To Open For Britney Spears In U.K.
03.15.2004 2:52 PM EST

It looks like Britney Spears' Onyx Hotel Tour will be taking a wicked turn in April.

Wicked Wisdom, a band fronted by Jada Pinkett-Smith, will open for all eight of Spears' U.K. shows, beginning on April 27 in London. The group, which formed about a year ago, frequently plays the Los Angeles club circuit. This will be the band's first major tour.

Wicked Wisdom does not yet have an album out, but those who want to check out Pinkett-Smith's vocals can preview some of their music, including video of a live performance, on their Web site. Among the songs available for listening are the angsty, symphonic rock numbers "Taste Your Fruit" and "You Got To" as well as the sassy R&B ballad "Worship Me."

Though Pinkett-Smith is launching a music career, she'll be keeping her day job. The actress will next appear in the action thriller "Collateral" with Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx and Mark Ruffalo, due in August. Pinkett-Smith will play an attorney who's on the hit list of a contract killer played by Cruise.

For more Hollywood happenings, check out MTV's Movie House.

—Kristin Roth

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Im kinda angry coz i was gonna go 2 c Britney at that tour (yes u can all call me sad!). but i cant take any time off this summer from work, its a very long story, but basically work is messing my social life up now and no- one there seems 2 care.

Anyways back 2 the subject, i would have been able 2 c Jada, i really wish i could of got those tickets!!!!! :cussing: :cussing: :cussing: :cussing: :cussing:
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it's very good 4 Jada & her group to open Britney's concerts, i guess they will sing live not like Britney( i like her music but her voice.....)Jada has a better voice than her, just my opinion .
I think Britney comes to madrid in june and if a i can i'll go to the concert; Jada could come to open her concert here :peace:
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Guest Prince
I wonder if it'll be coming to Scotland...

I don't think I would go though, if it was just Wicked Wisdom I'd be tempted, but I think if I was seen going to a BS concert my reputation (whats left of it! :eek4: ) would totally disappear! :rofl: :nhawong:
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