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"Spammers Just Don't Understand"

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Summertime pitched this idea to me, so naturally I ran with it. A Parody of "Parents..." about the spammers on WS.com. I've posted it over there and caused quite a stir, was that wrong of me? :lolsign: Oh well, let me know what ya think. :2thumbs:

Big Willie - Spammers Just Dont Understand

You know spammers are the same

No matter time nor place

They don't realize the things they say

Is just a disgrace

So to all the members all across the land

MODs just try to argue

Spammers just don't understand

I remember one time

When Lost & Found was just dropping

They were spamming, disrupting, annoying oh, excreting and downright disturbing

Loretta style by far

We headed downtown to give the MODs a call

Then Brandon started bugging with the topics he chose

I didn't say nothing at first

I just prayed that he’d go

They say, "What's wrong? I’m talking to a stranger”

We say, "Y’all, this site is wack and your making it a danger"

The next 8 months was the same old thing

Spammers re-posting topics from 1963

And then they lost their minds and did the ultimate

I asked them who Jeff was and they said “From Fresh Prince?”

I said, "Yo, what are you doing, you'll ruin Wills rep"

They said, "He’s only 37, he don't have a rep yet"

I said, "Come on yo, can we take about Fresh Prince"

They said "No, we come her to cyber not for a Will Smith show"

I said, "This isn't about Oprah, come on y’all, he’s an rapper”

And please stop the comparisons towards other actors

But if you don't want to I can live with that, but

You gotta stop with the posting of ya weak a$$ tracks

They didn’t move and everything stayed the same

Inevitably the more spammers just came

I thought I could get over, I tried a new trick

But my MODs said, "No, no way, uh-uh, forget it"

There was nothing I could do, I tried to react

I got stressed whilst reading all the spamming crap

And when I returned, it was just as I thought

They were cracking up laughing at the topics they brought

And those who weren't laughing still had a ball

Because they were joining in spamming

Just out of pre-school

Log on e-mail and told the MODs how the day went

They said, "If they were spamming we’ll just leave them,

"So they’ll do it again"

For the next six months I tried to explain to the MODs

The site was gonna have to go through this about 2 million more times

So to all the members all across the land

MODs just try to argue

Spammers just don't understand

Oh-kay, I want this situation..

The MODs go away on a week's vacation and

Leave me the keys to the Will Smith forum

Would they mind?

Umm, well, of course not

I'll just ban a few to begin

And maybe delete some topics bring spam to an end

I'll just leave the posts that are good

Well, maybe I shouldn't

Yeah, of course I should

Pay attention as I clean up the spot

And delete all topics saying “Will Smiths hot”

That's when I saw another Loretta started squawking

I picked up my keyboard and typed “You better get to walking”

You should've seen the amount of member suspensions

I called them all idiots just to get their attention

They said, "Was that to us?"

I said, "Yeah"

They said, "Why?"

I said, "I’m the boss of this place so say your goodbyes”

They said, "Why do you act like a dick?

Why’d you have to embarrass us in public?"

I said, "C'mon fool – with this place I quit -

It’s a shame that Will Smith has a forum like this"

I wanted to leave but decided to stay

The site was once looking good, but its dead today - word

I hit the ban button, this site is a dive

We banned two BigMacs, and he acted surprised

I kicked this dude off he’s out the back door

He said, "Drive thru food turns me on"

They put more spam on screen, I deleted the trash

They almost got whiplash, they got banned so fast

The topics were open, the hormones were high

And this girl's minds were creepy but so where the guys

They try to get the number on the plates of his car

I guess that's why Will keeps his distance far

Y’all need to stop all the information that’s false

Before you all end up in court (court)

When we get new members they’re scared as hell

I said, "I’m not a moderator but I ban very well, spammer"

Will almost had a heart attack that day

Come to find all his fans are twelve-year-old runaways

With another message, his album downloaded

There was no way for them to avoid being scolded

But these kids don’t know anything about his movies

“What’s his phone number? Can someone give it to me?”

The MODs walked in

I got my grip, I said, "Ah, Marz, man, how was your trip?"

They didn't speak

I said, "I’ve reinvented the place"

The MODs were depressed from the look on their face

That was a hard week’s work, then the MODs started crying

They looked burnt -

They were leaving and considered retiring

I can't believe it, this site is a disgrace

Well spammers are the same no matter time nor place

So to all the members all across the land

Take it from me

Spammers just don't understand

Edited by Big Willie
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Thanks guys :2thumbs:

BigMac wasnt impressed with this part...

I hit the ban button, this site is a dive

We banned two BigMacs, and he acted surprised

I kicked this dude off he’s out the back door

He said, "Drive thru food turns me on"

And just for good measure he sent me this soundclip via MSN :rofl:

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