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JJFP T-Shirt $12.99

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2 years in the making...Its finally here.. Get ya limited edition jazzy jeff & fresh prince forever shirt for 14.99


Celebrate 20 years of Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince and over 10 years of jazzyjefffreshprince.com. If you pre-order the shirt you save $5, and make sure you get the size shirt you need. Also the first 15 pre-orders I will also send a copy of the extremely rare Jazzy Jeff mixtape "The originals:volume 1" So what u waitin for? Go get the shirt!

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Gonna be ordering ASAP. Wear that with pride.

OK Tim, screw that Pm i sent you. Im sorted, and hoping im one of them first 15 aswell.

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What kind of shirt is it? Is like this wide baggy shirt or is it more tight or what? Give me some informaton,lol

the biggest size is 3XL.

Thats not what I mean. I mean like what type of t-shirt it is. I have diffrent sizes with diffrent shapes etc. Some are allways wider and some are tighter.

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