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"3 hits i HIT you you HIT the floor
this track is the 3rd HIT thats 4 sure"

"i was in the game before publishing was an issue
your platinum now..but next year im gonna miss you"

"years and years my peers misunderstood
that i make cuts cuts from my guts to make ya feel good"
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"The nail in the coffin of ya average rapper
Jeff do the ditto of ya average scratcher"

"Feel the rain, button up you overcoat
Watch the illadelph bad boy go quote for quote"

"Gangsta hardcore menace to society
Rap's all the same my pen spits variety"

...and every single line in "The Rain". :sonny:
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All you rappers wannna snap
jazzy jeff is got my back

all you rapppers yellin about who u put in a hearse
do me a favor, play verse without a curse

what you wanna ball wit the kid
watch ya step you might fall tryna do what I did
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