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Another Battle?


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ash trey

WILL IS ILL (Concept)


Its JP

soul survivor


silver tiger


we got 10...2 more and we can do it because it won't be fair on the second round...keep posting

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The battles are getting a bit drab now, since they've being done so much and the quality of the majority has gone floorward. And clearly, looking at the list, all of the big guns are turning out for it :|

I'd say, if you want to run it, we need some more excitement - something to motivate them. Something like, if you lose a round, the loser gets temporarily banned for a certain amount of hours ((days might be harsh) the difference in the number of votes would determine the number of hours) or something. That should add a bit more excitement and amusement for the competitors and viewers. Well, most competitors would probably sleep through it anyway so it wouldn't effect them.

Ok, no I have not recently escaped from a local Institution, I'm just trying to think of ways to try and inspire people to put more effort in. I don't know. It just seems to have lost its appeal overall for me. That's my opinion.

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