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will performing in leicester square

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[quote=FreshPrincess,Aug 5 2004, 12:45 PM]i NEED the video...haven't got MTV so i couldn't record TRL!!! Dammit!! :tear:[/quote]
I don't have it either but don't worry... Because Jazzy Julie said all they showed was 1 song, then had interviews with celebrities while JJFP were kicking it live, so it was apparently a disappointment. You didn't miss anything! :dancingcool:
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Yeah i suppose, but it still would have brought it all back!!

I still can't believe it!!

And i forgot to say that at the beginning of Brand New Funk they did the "if you're doing something else i hope i'm not disturbing you, and if i am, so what? STOP IT!!........" bit from the video aswell!!

I don't think many people knew it, but i was shouting the words hoping they would hear me! :kekeke:
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Yeh them lyrics at the start of that video version are from the song New Kid's On The Block.

I own it on a pretty rare vinyl i got off ebay.

AJ seeing as you've probably got the best knowledge on this, was that song ever released on CD on some obscure foreign import?
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It was awsome i didn't get back till really late so i've been reading what all the other people said.

I still haven't calmed down yet, i got most of it on video, i didn't do it all i stoped sometimes so i could enjoy it proberly myself, i think i was near somebody from this site as near the end i heard somebody shout "switch!!"

there were so many people there it was unbelieveable, i think all the "celebs" satyed out to enjoy the performance aswell.

Did he actually perform switch becasue he never said during the performance this is my new song etc so i might have been enjoying it so much i didn't notice :dunno:
i taped TRL and they said on there he was performing his new song so if somebody could tell me about when he did it so i could look at it on my video

any way it was amazing the crowd loved it Will looked like he loved when his new album comes out i can't see him being able to not come over and do a few concerts

(Also it was a nice touch for him and jeff to talk about how the recorded their first album in London, Jeff could even remember the name of the area Swiss Cottage - I've been there aswell !! :thumb:
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Brakes when you gonna put your video up, i didn't get all of it but most of it

i've been watching it all morning and your cry of "Switch" made it onto the video Edited by JamesUK
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ha ha excellent!! well i'm not in london at the moment but i am working on getting it up as soon as possible! But between now and then if anyone wants a copy it then you can send me a blank video and a stamped address envelope and i will get it out to you straight away! If you do then PM me!!
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