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30 sec freestyle


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whats a topic i need a topic

cant roll or rock it

I wrote hooks

in my note book

till the flow hurts

and you go curse

stinging leave you reeling

feeding off the breath then stealing

metres off those who test then leaning

on the pretenders till i leave them bleeding

you seething?

i'm cleaning off the fits no need to trip off this hero1 fix

i risk all until theres no risk

what i mean is chance my arm until it sinks like fish

and I aim for round 12 sure bet like wizz fizz

its my main habit like sister act

I twist the facts

until they hit you back

thats the niche you lack

market moves to release the stack

of talent balance on a high beam

and its full steam


till the eyes are seeing red

till your spies are leaving dead

you not I thats achieving less

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I agree with Brakes. We'll get Tim to release a track. The lyrics look like nothing, but actually reading it, it shows good conscience. As big as the site's podcasts are getting, we should use one to host the JJFP Community album, but getting it actually done is another story.

Very cool rhyme Tim.

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