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Momma Songs Square Off

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My favs are 2Pac's "Dear Mama"...LL Cool J's "Big Momma" and FP's "Momma Knows." Kanye's joint is average at best. That Eminem song isn't bad...but the subject matter is kinda wack...and depressing overall.

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Cleaning out my closet sounds good and its got good rhyme scheme and everything but it hardly qualifies as a mama song !hez talking about how much he hates his mom. I think Dear Mamas dope-Kanyes is allright(a little too sweet for my taste)-FPs song is pretty good. But da best one has to be Dear Mama.

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As for me my favorites songs 'bout mothers are

LL Cool J "Big momma"

Will Smith "Momma knows"

2Pac "Dear momma"

Xzibit "I love ya momma" (not favorite but nice)

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