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  1. As for me my favorites songs 'bout mothers are LL Cool J "Big momma" Will Smith "Momma knows" 2Pac "Dear momma" Xzibit "I love ya momma" (not favorite but nice)
  2. Maybe....Wit Usher it'll be not a bad duet, but I think that Will gotta try to read rap with gangstas like T.I. , The Game, Busta (but it's not materialy).....remember his song "Party Starter"? He reads with gruff voice, and it's voice becomes to him. Will is the king of hip-hop, but he can try to be real rapper! :wiggle:
  3. I think Big Will can makes his own album himself includin' others rappers like Snoop, West, Sisqo.....I mean not rap album but hip-hop (Rap party)
  4. Guys & girls, do you've some freestyle of Big Will???? Full concerts or when Big Will is in studio & there he reads freestyle? I need It :ohdear:
  5. Hey stop......I'm not from Russia, I'm from Ukraine, & I'ma man, not girl
  6. Hey man, thanks for freestyle, but i've a question, can you give me rap-page (words) of this freestyle?
  7. How do u think, what songs does Big Will prefer to read? What his love songs?
  8. Sorry for off-topic, can you tell me, where I can take or skim Big Will's video?
  9. Where did you take these pictures? I've never been in Maimi! Have you ever been there?
  10. When come off a new album Busta Rhymes with produser Dr. Dre???
  11. Shaq was the best!!! His dunks it's a show, show for all....he can to rallegrare publlico, he can everything, he's DIESEL.... Hey, where can I take wallpapers of ALL STAR 2006 ??? :mygod:
  12. Thanks for your appreciate Angel, sweety girl! :wiggle: I'vre read that you're live in USA, well my fav. countyr, my father is in LA now.... Angel do you have an ICQ ???
  13. Soory again of this pff-topic, but I want to have friends from others country, not only in Ukraine but in USA etc. Let's take out our's ICQ numbers & will speak in ICQ, send each other our photo, It's interesting, isn't it?
  14. The Switch remix isn't really a love song is it?... :stickpoke: Yeah, maybe! But what a music there :1-smile: How romantic! When I listen to this song, I'm clear in my mind that I'm dancin' with my lovely girl, wit my sweety baby! :biggrin:
  15. You could find some on ebay or amazon. Give me reference,please, that I skim that album.....I want It :bowdown:
  16. I said that "Loretta" is love song, because how Willy said "This is a true story" Where are songs "Momma knows" & "Switch (remix) feat. Robin Thicke ???
  17. People, where can I get JJ albums? In Ukraine they don't sell :davidblaine:
  18. Sorry for off-topic, but in Ukraine I can't to skim his (Big Will) clips & old tracks! Please give 'em me!!!! Or tell me where I can to skim 'em!
  19. Yeah, you're right! There is an orange in his mouth!!! I don't know why! Where can I get Big Will's old albums, before "Big Willie style" ??? I need them very much!!!
  20. I have a favour to ask of you, please, put forward wallpapers with Big Will (more & more) I need it....please! But the best wallpapers of Big Willie!
  21. Puf forward your favorite or best rap-wallpapers here!!! For example
  22. Tommorow will be show, I mean 55th NBA All Stars Game!!! I think this match should be highly colored... West - KB, T-Mac, Steve Nash, Duncan, Yayo Ming East - Shaq, Wade, James, Iverson, JO (but he injured) one of my favorite forwards... What stakes? :1-cool:
  23. Now I listen to Will Smith "Lost & Found", "Willennium" Busta Rhymes "When disaster strikes" Snoop Dogg "R&G" Some Ca'mron, Luda, Lil John', 50 (very seldom), 2Pac (one of my favorite rappers), Meth Tical (very seldom too) etc.
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