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Promote Switch/New Album!!!

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I for one don't like the spamming idea. Think about it, when B2K fans came up on Will's Sony board posting stuff. We didn't wanna hear it at all. However, i always visited other boards and just participated in their conversations without dissing their fav artist or spamming that FP is one of the best people in Hip-Hop history. Think about it, would we give a B2K fan a chance back then? No way!! Other message boards aren't gonna wanna hear what we say or respect what we think is good if we don't establish ourselves as indiviuals who deserve 2 voice their opinion...in other words, support FP in places where it may be hard 2 help him gain respect from people who only saw the Jiggy side of him that Columbia created.

Spamming isn't the answer. Post and be active on other message boards and let the signature do the talking. If u want people 2 respect your opinion, then present yourself in a respectable way.

Sorry if i came off way 2 serious about this. :roll: It's just that i'm passionate about helping get the word out there and being a part of what makes this next album HUGE. It's time 2 get the word out there that there is good Hip-Hop being made that needs 2 be replacing alot of garbage that is on the radio currently.
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Well, I suck at making these banners and logos...but if we can keep making them and let them be available 4 everyone 2 use...I wouldn't have a problem registering at other Hip-Hop forums and (by not spamming) voice my opinion with the pic in my sig until the single or album drops.

That would be one of the best ways 2 approach it, and we still have a whole 4 and a half weeks or so 2 do it.
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Yeah, i'm not real good at sigs either. Mine are incredibly boring. I've just never messed around with making them. It's important 2 list this website somewhere tho' cuz people aren't gonna be able 2 check out any newz on them if they don't have a place 2 go.

Right now, it's hard enuff 4 me 2 post here (cuz i hate spending 2 much time online when it's not winter) but if i am visiting message boards, i bug one of u 2 make me a sig. I have no problem rocking a sig as long as i have imput in it (cuz i'm so picky).
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