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Promote Switch/New Album!!!

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FP has always had a certain amount of haters calling him soft but those people also never bought his album (or even heard them). They heard the singles, which recently only reflect the party joints. It up 2 us as fans 2 present ourselves on places like message boards as true Hip-Hop fans and positive people all around so people will even consider respecting our opinions. This album may be the easiest 2 promote the proper Fresh Prince product 4 Hip-Hop fans.

Most of us are intellegent, respectable, postive people (which is probably why we are pulled towards Will and his music). I think that is our best weapon. When B2K fans came up on the WS board acting all stupid, would we give them a chance?!? Heck 2 the NizzO!! I think B2K made some decent music but that's cuz i checked it out 4 myself...not cuz some ignorant 10 year came in there saying "Holla." Neither would i check out a rapper if someone came in their dissing Will and talking about their fav rapper. However, i know Tim just about as well as u can know someone thru' the internet only, and when he comes 2 me like "AJ, u need 2 hear this track"...i'll definitly give it a listen cuz i know he has good taste and judgement. I'm just saying that as supporters, we can make a big difference with this album and it's our character that will make it happen. The sig will put the word out, but it'll be our character that makes other people care...then hopefully Will will have proper music video and radio support 2 take it from there.

Someone shut me up!! :blah:
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