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Whats does Will say while he is pointing at his magazine? I dont remember what, but I remember it was funny.

lmao, hes says he "wacks off" to spiderman hahahaha! I laughed when they cut it off at that point.

Haha, didnt you record that part 2 Max?

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i saw this!! then afterwords i saw driven:kanye west and driven:nas

the kanye west one really motivated me to work harder as a rapper

but the "and you dont stop" was really well made, it had many rappers in it. i remember seeing will in it too. and actually i was gonna make a topic about it but i forgot!

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It looks like it was a limited time offer.

Lol, kinda... I'm having a few technical issues with my server. Can't access the logs to see how much bandwidth is being used and how many people are accessing the files there. Give me a couple of days to get everything straightened out, and I'll put the link back up. Sorry about that.

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