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Three 6 Mafia Win First Oscar, Make Hip-Hop History


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Three 6 Mafia Win First Oscar; Make Hip-Hop History

By Nolan Strong and Houston Williams

Date: 3/6/2006 2:36 am

An uncharacteristically exuberant Three 6 Mafia won an Oscar Award at The 78th Academy Awards last night (Mar. 5) in Los Angeles, California.

The awards took place at the Kodak Theatre and were televised with a 5-second delay on the ABC network.

Three 6 Mafia, made history as the first rap group to ever perform at the Academy Awards.

The group also won an Oscar for Best Song, for "Its Hard Out Here For A Pimp," a tune they wrote and produced for the movie Hustle & Flow. Hustle & Flow star Terrence Howard originally recorded the song under the rap name D-Jay, but declined to perform it at the Academy Awards.

Three 6 Mafia performed in their normal Hip-Hop garb, but the stage scene was set in the Memphis streets with actors and dancers sashaying as pimps and prostitutes across the stage. The performance also featured a cameo by actress Taraji P. Henson, who sang the hook on the original song and during the live performance.

The group bested stiff competition in their field, beating out "In The Deep" from the movie Crash, which won Best film of the Year.

Group members Jordan "Juicy J" Houston thanked Jesus, while Paul "DJ Paul" Bauregard "thanked everybody," including their mothers, distributor Select-O-Hits, the Academy, Ludacris, actor George Clooney and others. Darnell "Crunchy Black" Carlton and others were on stage as well.

The crowd gave the Hip-Hop group a rousing round of applause and a few quips came from in the aftermath of the show.

"You know what? I think it just got a little easier out here for a pimp," Stewart joked after the group accepted their award. "How come they are the most excited people here? They are thrilled. That's how you accept an Oscar.”

"Martin Scorsese [the legendary filmmaker] zero Oscars - Three 6 Mafia, one!" Stewart joked.

Later in the evening, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel cracked his own jokes on a special edition of his ABC late show. “I guess those guys are gonna melt the [Oscar] statues down and make [gold] teeth," he said.

Hustle & Flow revolves around the life of a small-time Memphis, Tennessee pimp, who aspires to be a rapper amidst a mid-life crisis.

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I mean, it wasn't an inspirational song, nor was it uplifting... Compared to this, Eminem deserved to win his oscar... I mean, 3-6 mafia? Are you kidding me... And they accepted it like it was the Source Awards... Suffice to say, I didn't really want to watch the rest of the broadcast after that. :paperbag:

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:word: It's a sad day to be a hip-hop fan :shakehead:

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But, whats that "Making Hip Hop History" about? Didnt other Hip Hop Artits allready won a Oscar with songs?

well i shouldve figured...with emblems of wu-tang and all...

I didnt say I like the song, nor that they deserved it :stickpoke: I just said I dont care,lol. I ment that like I prever them, who are around for some time, to win an award insteed of 50 or Mike Jones etc. And look at the Grammy Nominations last year. Awards dont mean ish nomore anyway..

But what I really wanna know is what where the other nominations?

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This is so embarassing....i'm gonna be a metal head now. Oh wait, this isn't a part of Hip-Hop history...we are talking trashy rap at the moment.

I really wish i could see people's reaction during their performance. The probably had 2 use pre-recorded applause for the performance. Three 6 Mafia is trash at it's worst.

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The first "making hip-hop history" moment was Will being the first rapper nominated for an Oscar. Eminem became the first rapper to win an Oscar for "Lose Yourself" and unfortunately, Three 6 Mafia became the first rap artist to perform at the Oscars. :shakehead:

I thought the Academy nominated the song just to be in a joking mood but now that it won for Best Original Song?.... :paperbag:

Also realize that this telecast last night was broadcast all around the world and for some people this is their first brush with rap. :thumbdown: :shakehead: :paperbag:

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That's what makes it so bad that they won, a lot of people who ain't familar with hip-hop probably'll think that all hip-hop is trash after they hear that song, lol, btw Three 6 Mafia only wrote the song, Terrance Howard was the one who performed it in the movie so they're getting too much credit to Three 6 Mafia, well after seeing them win this I wouldn't be surprised if Bow Wow wins one next year, **** the Oscars....

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