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Three 6 Mafia Win First Oscar, Make Hip-Hop History


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The thing is that when the Three six Mafia went on stage to collect their oscar nobody understood what they said, they dressed shabbily and their performance was in my opinion wack. This make hip-hop look bad in front of da world. If for example Common Sense or Will was 2 win that award they would put down a breath taking performance and make an important speech on the beauty of hip-hop and how far it has come :word:

That is the only oint I agree with. The way thy took it and how Mc`s like Common could have took it better. But you cant blame them, they just arent realy educated. But you know this brings me on this thought: The Oscar managemnet knew this, for shure. I`m startign to think that tha was theyr purpes. To give a Hip Hop Group an Oscar that isnt that cultivated, so it brings a kinda bad light on Hip Hop.

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Well that's the point no matter who'd win there'd be somebody complaining, I don't think Will got any beef with Three Six Mafia 'cause they won an Oscar before him either

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Twilight zone...

But still, Hustle&Flows is a great flick and the song ain't too bad.

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