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damn brother messed up my recording! :bat:

Ive seen the pics and they both look really nice. ive also come to the conclusion that Will dyes his hair but not his beard, thats kinda weird.

Anyways if any1 knows of a website where they show clips or anything i would be gratful, so would my brother bcoz the beatings might not be as bad for him.

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Will was looking mighty fine indeed at the Oscars!! :gettinjiggywitit:

Now what would have been wrong with Brokeback Mountain winning Best Picture???? :wtf:

It was pretty good show overall---kind of boring in parts....Will should have hosted instead of John Stewart!! :kekeke:

The memorabilia scene....where they pay tribute to all past actors/actresses, etc who have past away in the last year always makes me sad :ohdear: Still can't believe Don Knotts is gone....been watching the Tribute to his old shows on TV LAND! :rockon:


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i'm watching Oprah's Oscar special and Gayle King (her best friend) was interviewing Jamie Foxx, then up pops Will, then up pops Morgan Freeman (my fave actor, he's amazing), then up pops Terrance Howard, so the guys are all standing there and Will's saying how it does his heart so good to see so many black people at the Oscars, and how Terrance and Jamie are the only men who've made him cry in his adult life lol then all of a sudden Queen Latifah, and Jada push they're way through (acting silly)then everybody's like "Black people @ the Oscars!" it was SO funny :kekeke: then Oprah was saying how that would've made a great picture...they did all look really nice standing there.

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haha Will did a little interview with 3 6 mafia backstage will was saying they handled it well, getting the Oscar ( i hope he was just being nice) and how he was mad they got one before him LOL..Ludacris is too damn happy about it if you ask me , Oprah goes "Lord, what Dr. Martin Luther King must be thinking" LOL...and she just looks like she can't believe it either

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