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  1. There's more then one way to Swat a Fly!!!
  2. Don't Worry!! :bat: I can get them when I Want!!! :chuks: :chuks: :chuks: :lolsign:
  3. Why don't you just sell the armor you have and you'll reach a billion in no time!! :lolsign: :lolsign: And leave those soldiers for me!!! :jada: :jada: It's Fly Season........Time to get the Fly!!!
  4. Don't worry Max We're Comin'!!!! Now is it really so bad to join just to play this game??? :hmm: After all, it is rather addictive!!! :lolsign: :lolsign:
  5. :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: Quit buying soldiers Max!! :jada: How am I supposed to kick your butt if your always buying men?? :bat: :bat: Are you That scared of me??? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  6. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Spend that money! Spend that money!! C'mon Max.....I'm the closest thing to you right now......aren't you getting kind of bored up there at the top?? :lolsign: I would be scared......very, very scared!! :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: Woohaaaahaaaahaaa!! :pony: :pony: :pony:
  7. Don't worry! Mercs aren't the only thing I'm buying...... :bat: :bat: :bat: Keep enjoying that #1 spot...you won't be there for long! :pony: :pony: :pony: Course, the way this game works......it'll be next week before I'll have enough soldiers! :rofl: :rofl: How about loading in some mercs??? :hmm: :hmm: Move the game along a little faster....... :stickpoke: :stickpoke:
  8. Did you buy yourself some Watch Posts and Stealph Horses Max???? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Does that make you feel safe??? :kekeke:
  9. Whadda you mean boring??? :stickpoke: Let's see some action here men!! How come your not attacking each other more?? (MaxFly and Schnazz)?? Or is it the "too many attacks on person" thing?? :shakehead: C'mon!! We're ready to see who the BIG/REAL winner is!!! It's not over yet!!
  10. :noooo: :noooo: :noooo: Yeah Right!! I'm just an innocent bystander playing the game!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: But you can think what you want!! :lolsign: Got ya' thinkin though huh??? :bangcomp: Just be on the lookout!!! :chuks: :chuks: :chuks: :rockon: Jen
  11. :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: I'm getting dizzy!!!! Just don't forget about me suckers!! :chuks: Soon, you'll be bowing to me!!! :lolsign:
  12. Who's "you guys"????? :hmm: :hmm:
  13. :wtf: :wtf: :1-eek: :1-eek: :wtf: :damnlorettas: :damnlorettas: That's Awful Dirty!!!! :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: Someone needs a good **tch slapping for that!! :willvspaparazzi: Guess you can't trust anyone in this game!!! :eusa_snooty: :jada: Shananigans!!!!! :heavy:
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