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[quote=Just_Like_will,Mar 15 2004, 04:37 PM]My attitude is not like his, I can't keep it clean Like him, and I can't get as much girls as he can.[/quote]
I got a positive attitude, i do keep it clean, and i do get as many honeyz as him....but i can't help u. :biggrin:
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When u hear "Darkchild" adlibbed on Hip-Hop and R-N-B records, it's cuz it waz produced by Rodney Jerkins and his crew. They've done work with Will Smith, TLC, Brandy, Michael Jackson, Destiny's Child, Monica, Aaliyah....100s of artists and 100s of hits.
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Thanks guys. But I kind of needed the help before I registered.

Right now, I have been having trouble loging in. That's why I'm using this acount.Should I re-register as Wild-Child?
I think I messed up with my password or something.It's just cant let me in.

I'm so sorry for re-sighning up three times.You guys forgive me?

I never ment for this to happen
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