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Newer Rappers With Potencial?


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What you think are some newer Rappers with good potencial?


This is not about them actauly make good stuff, but about theyr potencial.

I`ll make the start..


I think he got a kick ass flow. His lyrics arent allways great, but he wrote some deep stuff, sometimes. And he is a good battle mc. He made a big jump from his first to his second album.

Juelz Santana

The thing about him is.. Can you really call him a new comer? He`s been doing it with The Diplomats since the begining. Anyway, he hasnt done allot Solo, so in that way he is a newcomer. His new Albums is good. I was realy suprised. He had some deep Tracks on it, allong with the Gangsta n Party Stuff. His flow is typical Dipset.. Some like it, some dont.

Jody Breeze

He`s one of the group Boyz N Da Hood. He`s, in my opinion, by far the best of them. So much people say that Jeezy is such a dope Mc, but I dont get what they like about him. Jody here is a much better mc.. I liked allot of his underground songs and he has an album coming. I wonder how that gonna turn out.

J.R. Writer

AnotherDipset Member. His flow and his style is like the young Cam`ron. He did good on the Dipset stuff and he has an Album coming up.

Remy Ma

Now she is probably my favourite newcomer. I didnt heard her Album yet, here Single was ok. But I have the Mixtape that came out for the Album.. And that is amazing. She is an amazing freestyle. She could knock out allot of Mc`s, believe me. And she has a great flow and good rapstyle. Pretty simular to Joe`s, just much faster. She fitts good in his crew. I`m realy looking out for the things she`s gonna make.


I liked som of his Mixtape Songs. But mosted of them sucked. But he still has a ood flow and a crazy voice. If he can arrange him selfs some actauly good beats for his debut album, It might just be good.

The Game

Well, that was one hell of a Rookie... I didnt realy like his Album. I realy liked Dreams tho. But what I really felt are his mixtapes. He`s trying to take Gangsta Rap back to how it used to be, and he`s on a good way, I think.

Mike Shinoda

He delivered a great Album. But I still cant realy figure out if that was becaus of him, or the intsrumentals. Well anyway, he did great. And one of the Dudes of Styles Beyond is realy sick!!

Jean Grea

I dont know if I spelled here name right...lol. Anyway, she has a big potencial. But I found the more recent stuf kinda borring.. Lirycly on top tho!!

Styles P.

Same thing as with Juelz.... Could we call him new? He`s in the game with The Lox for quit a long time.. Anyway he didnt realy do anything much solo till now. And waht I allready heared is good. And that he can rap, I know since The Lox.

Cadillac Tah

He`s from The Inc. He`s down with thme since teh beginning and released allot of Mixtapes. Till now he never had a real album tho. So if finnaly one comes, he is a newcomer in some kind of way, right?

Anyway, Dude has a great flow. Very aggresive Mc. He sounds like a mixup between DMX and Ice-T.. And his lyrics are aight. Just real street ****.

Chink Santana

His history is kinda the same like Caddy`s. But he has a veery lay-back style. And he can sing too. And he is quit a good producer.

Obie Trice

His Debut Album was ok. It didnt realy used his talent. Caus I think he really is talented. One of the only ones in the Shady Camp..


If he is a newcomer is also worh a discusion,lol. Anyway, he has a realy great flow, I think.


I tell you Guy`s, that boy is the truth. Just check out the Song "The Truth" with Fat Joe, and you will know waht I mean.

Kel Spencer

Ya`ll know why

So now it`s your turn. I might have forgot some very important newbies.. So please forgive me for that. :bowdown:

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Freeway ain't really new man! I've got his first album " Philladelphia Freeway" and I love it! The beats are so dope, you really need to check it out if you liked him on that LL Cool J song! The lyrics and song subjects are okay, some trash talk, some deep stuff! And his flow is on point!

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btw, don't forget about Nick Cannon, there's not really too many top young mcs out now so I think he has a lot of hope still if he actually works at it, but he gotta quit acting like he's on FP's level already, he needs to release a lot of material now to prove that he's a dope mc, he hasn't done much yet...Yeah Freeway's been out for quite a few years now, I think a lot of those mcs you mentioned got some potential, they're all better than the Lil' Bow Wows and Lil' Romeos...

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I dont know why, but I dont feel Nick Cannon. On the other hand, I feel Nellys Style (Only his stye and some of his songs) and Boyz N Da Hood, so some people also would call me crazy for that..lol

Oh yeah, one of the Dudes in Nellys Crew "The St.Lunatics" is tight. I dont know his name tho. I just heard some Songs on Mixtapes, and he definitly got talent.

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Nick Cannon probably won't reach his potential in hip-hop 'cause he thinks he's Ice Cube and FP already and could release albums every 3 years while he does movies, overall not too many young mcs impress me that much, I think I got potential...

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I will add Kano to the list

the public enemy guys were raveing about him when they were in England at the end of last year.

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Don't forget about the JJFP inspired mcs: Da Brakes, FUQ, me, and Da Ace, we are the future!!! :yeah:

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I think a lot of people really are starting to get tired of hip-hop and it's really getting more unoriginal, you got cats sampling somebody who sampled somebody who sampled somebody, lol, nothing new is happening on the most part, you look at record sales, people don't buy it as much as they used to, I think it's gonna be strictly an underground music genre over the next decade or so the way things are going now, unless something spectacular happens again like when Run-Dmc came in and changed the game, but no matter what happens I'm still gonna keep on writing rhymes and freestyling, my goal is to still be doing it when I'm 45 years old even if I never make it big I still wanna keep doing it, I like to express myself through rhyme I'm gonna get a mic and start recording stuff soon enough, right now I'm focusing on getting a job then later on I'm gonna do that on my freetime in between, right now I just focus on battlin' friends in my area, they're easy comp for me but I like to poke on them in all fun, lol, and just writing rhymes, keeping my skills sharp, I'm trying to look for a DJ/producer in my area to help me but they're hard to find over here, some guy I was working with last year told me that he was gonna call and we were gonna hook up and record some stuff, he got DJ equipment but he never called me back, ultimately though I'm gonna try to do it on my own... Back to topic the future doesn't look that strong right now, it seems like it's the mcs that came out 10-15 years ago are the ones that're still on top...

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