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this guy on the radio said that there is an arrow in the FedEx logo. He said that because people see it so much they never notice. I just wanna see if anyone else can spot it.


The white space between the E and the X makes an arrow. :rofl: I would have never noticed that unless I was looking for it. Thats kinda cool.

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I see it! I'm not telling where it is tho... I wanna see if other people can notice! :)

EDIT: looks like bart5 beat me to it lol... yeah it wasn't really hard to see, but I wouldn't have noticed it if I wans't looking for it either.

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Is fedex a delivery company? if it is then i suppose it's significant, like "we get stuff from here to there", symbolised by the arrow...

Yeah FedEx is a delivering company, I never really thought about it that way, but the arrow could mean something like that...

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