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I'm sorry if something related to this topic has been posted already, but I just needed to say this. I was browsing Bet's community forum for news, and this is wut I found:

[Posted by people from the forum]

Will beats 50; Em beats 50; Gwen beats Mimi at the AMAs.

Did you watch the American Music Awards? What did you think of the performances and the winners?

And some of the comments were:

- I didn't see the entire show. But I thougth the Will Smith and Black Eye Peas win was ridiculous.

- who in the hell decides who wins the awards. I can not believe Will Smith won an award. I mean who bought that album anyways those songs were weak. Gwen Stefani should of never won an award over Mariah I mean what the hell was that. Will smith most defintely did not deserve that award and thats real.

- okay first of all who in the hell chose the winners of the AMA becuz they had no freakin clue what they were doing when they did it ....okay becuz first of all mariah carey should have one...gwen stefani is just retarded and sings about stupid stuff and 50 should have beat both Will and Eminem..the judges were definetly smoking something when they chose the winners but the reason why i say mariah should have beat gwen is becuz i look up to mariah and all of my friends say i look and sound alot like her so she has always been my role model!!

- I'm suprised that Will Smith was even nominated, 'cause he didn't really do much nor was he really out doing much.

- 50cent needs to rap about something else.But,Will Smith winning now that's funny.What does he have to rap about.And Em raps about the same thing his girlfriend and his kids.I love kids have two of my own but there's more you can talk about.What has happened to the good music?

Not all the comments were negative, but I believe this needs to be stopped. They all underestimate Will because they think he is too old/only an actor and he doesn't swear in his songs unlike 50 or Em. :hmm:

Link: http://betboards.bet.com/forums/ShowPost.a...ostID=9498#9498

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Man those people are really sad. Isn't the AMA voted by everybody who votes and not by judges, or am I mistaken. I know I voted for him on some things, but I can't remember if I voted for this. A lot of those people have no basis for any of thier coments.

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BET got no credability anyway, those are probably the fools who vote for 50 Cent and Bow Wow to be on 106 & Park everyday and they diss all the ol' school pioneers since they're only 13 years old. You can't expect fans who like disposable music to like Will Smith so if a couple of them like him it's all good, I'd get bent out of shape if it was a forum with hip-hop heads dissin' him, that's what'd piss me off, lol.

There was surprisingly a couple good comments in there though:

"I dislike 50 cent because his whole hustle is about bashing and beefing with other people that are popular to sell his records and album. If he's so talented then he shouldn't have to use a gimmick to sell his music. To me he wants to be another Eminem but, he can't rap like Em. Every dog has his day and I will be so happy when his "15 mins of fame " is over because all he represents to me is a non-talented *53*y, who hates on everyone that gets a little recognition. So, I am so happy that Will Smith beat him at the AMAs. "

"First of i just wanna say big up to will smith, him winning over a fake white boy rapper and a gangster wanna be rapper is hot, what we have to remember is will is one of the pioneer’s of hip hop and deserver’s to shine all the way, Will Smith never changed always kept it real and never used Gimmick’s and Beef's to sell records, second of all Destiny's child winning was a well deserved but their very talented and their last album Destiny's fulfilled was hot I’m sorry but Mariah's album was Hot but no way can it touch Destiny’s child! Let’s not forget Black Eye Peace’s are Hot ya’ll know it to!"

"hey i think will smith deserve the award i dont to much care for 50 "

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maybe they should be blasted in a blog... :bat:

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