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D.J. Jazzy Jeff Drawing


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Just something I worked up over the past few days off of school. Thanks for looking.

Hero1- I got the JJFP live dvd. Thanks dude. Its tight.

The picture I based my drawing after:




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That's pretty cool. I love seeing ppl capture what they see by drawing.. im an artist too., so thats something we got in common.

keep it up... !! :2thumbs:



Yo, I just checked out your profile, and I found your site. WOW!! :bowdown::bowdown: :2thumbs: :jusmindyabizness: You weren't kidding bout being an artist. All your art work is tight!! The Kevin Willis and Jazzy Jeff pieces are amazing. I also read you made a portrait of Dominique Wilkins. He is one of my favorite NBA players of all time. I would love to see it if you have a picture of it. Thanks for the compliment also cookie.

Thanks for all the compliments everyone!!! I really appreciate all of them.

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I did those oil paintings 4 Dink ages ago,

(abt 20 yrs or so?) back when he was the "Human Highlight". haha. (makes me

sound really old) haha

One entitled, "Moments In Love", with him holding his daughter,

Aiesha as a baby... The other that i painted, someone else gave it 2 him...

just him behind the freethrow line... He got the originals, and I kept no copies, sadly...

I was a pretty good artist, but I've developed my skills quite abit

more since... thx 4 the compliment btw.



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