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Song of the Year?

Hymn Strings

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Since we're getting close to the end of this year, for fun we might as well throw around some nominations for Hip Hop song of 2005 :paparazziupinthespot: :

here's some off the top of the head:

Tonedeff- Porcelain

FP- Tell Me Why

Guru- Feed The Hungry

Little Brother- All For You

Blackalicious- The Rise and Fall of Elliot Brown

Living Legends- Never Fallin'

Haiku D'Etat- Purgatory

Zion I- Bird's Eye View

Public Enemy- Bring That Beat Back

Common- Be (Intro)

any more noms?...

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Will Smith-Lost & Found

Living Legends-`Falin Down

Fat Joe-Beatanovance

Cassidy Feat. Quan & Nas-Can`t Fade Me

Lil Kim Feat. The Game-Queit

Rev Run-Sweet Home

Will Smith-Tell Me Why

Rev Run-Mind On The Road

Fat Joe-The Incredible

Fat Joe-All Or Nothing Intro

R.Kelly & Twista-Hit It Till The Morning

Ghostface-Be Easy

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