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What Are You Listening To? VIII

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damn Prince you love Iron Maiden man! You not into the jjfp/will smith music at the moment/ever? One of my mates actually has a sweatband from the lead singer of Iron Maiden... listening to Could U Love Me...

Yeah I do, they're probably my favourite band/artist of all time. Is that sweatband from Bruce Dickinson, or one of the other two? They've had 3 lead singers in the past 25 years, but Bruce has been on the most albums, and is the current one too, so that's what I would expect.

In all honesty, I don't listen to JJFP/WS like I used to. I mean, I began listening to it less and less a few years back, and when I left this site in mid/late 2004 I never really got back into the habit again. It's an occasional thing now for me, I'm afraid, though I still like to follow it and know what's up.

Listening to Iron Maiden - "The Clairvoyant", again from Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

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No idea mate, he just came into Physics with it one day and was loving it :lol: It was about 2 years ago, so you can work out the singer!

So you buy Lost & Found yet? I take it you've heard all the tracks though?

Yeah, Bruce then.

I should be strung up for this, but I'm ashamed to say that L&F is one of the albums that I don't own. A mate was playing it, so I've heard some of the songs off it, but not all. :paperbag: I keep promising myself I'll buy it, so I will. You definitely won't catch me downloading it though.

Currently; Motorhead - "Iron Fist". Woo classic.

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