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Single Mother ~ Casual

I just wanna take this time out to honor ya...

I just wanna take this time out 2 honor ya...

i just wanna take this time out 2 honor ya...

one tyme...

single mother ,

u get respect like none other..

u had her cuz he told u that he love ya,

now u cant look back

gotta wallow them seeds...

its hard on these streets'

4 sho, u gotta daughter 2 feed..



baby make a ni@@a drop a tear,

sum'iN u dare be,

dudes need 2 stop and hear

how 2 be a poppa yea

i see u all up in da club

lookin rapper playa

baby momma doin bad

u wont stop and pay her

just a li'l bread

just 2 help her out


she was bout 2 go to college

and u kept her out

with all that slick talk

that lingo u sweet talk

u had a lil boy n

dude need poppa

its foul when yo baby momma at the bus s top

in the weather

and u frontin like yall neva even been 2getha

anotha black man lost

but your son bout 2 pay the cost

its messed up...

Single mother u get respect like none other....

WHOOOO HOOOO. Casual DroppiN Science! :2thumbs:



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