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Thanx 4 the hook up. Both of this are very commercial remixes. It's cool 2 hear the track in a new way, but neither of the remixes do the song justice at all. They are so average, productionwise, they stand up against all the lightweight crap on the radio. The Co-P Remix sounds like FP's mom sent Eminem the acappella and he remixed it in his own crappy way. Shoot, if he can ruin 2Pac's music...he can also ruin FP's...ha ha.

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My thing is this...a remix should either make the song better or put a different twist on the song. These remixes do niether. Sure, they make it more commerical, but they aren't even close 2 being equally good as the album version. When i heard these, i just thought 2 myself "What's the point?" Hopefully hearing the full versions off the CD single on a car stereo will help them not be so boring.

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i think the freshman remix put another twist to the song, and also the instrumental fits to the lyrics, i think, it's a little bit dark ( i don't know how to put in words, sorry for my english ) i mean that the message of the song is there, but the chorus suckz and makes the remix bad...

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