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FuQ - Take It To The Beat


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I decided to resubmit a song, and it is this one. Why do the same song twice? I'm going a new direction with this next 'album'. I didn't want to record it on my computer, but I made an exception here. I just want a rawer sound on a real mic; using my bro's burner with my real mic hooked in. You just have to listen, is all I'll say. Here's the lyrics.

August 2, 2005 (7:01 p.m.) - August 5, 2005 (10:41 p.m.)

I got a style ready for presentin'

Perfect mass appeal that everybody'll mention

This ain't the first and it ain't the last

The rhyme is geared up and on a mic I'll blast

into a brand new dimension, cuz that's my mission

Accomplished if I got ears to listen

to what I pen into my notebook daily

Exercise the mind so it don't ever fail me

I can tell tales, but get jealous ftrom tattle tells

Too blind, can't feel the truth like brail

Break nails tappin' fingers impatient

Just cuz they ain't ready for a new sensation

Write raps so good, they'd be scripts Oscar-nominated

But I don't act cuz being myself ain't complicated

If U don't like it, that's on U

cuz wavin' U off is all I'll do

The beat keeps callin me, crowd keeps followin' me

Put a mic in my hand, and I'll be ready to MC

Hit the stage wit my greatest swagger

Rhymes persuasive and sharp like a dagger

Won't matter if U'll agree cuz U'll respect

how I move the crowd, don't have to yell out 'Next!'

The best thing seen of my microphone dreams

I understand my words, and people know what I mean

when I express the context of my days survived

Remembered for my words, even after I die

And I just came from a small city

but that doesn't dictate what or who I'll be

Just means I try harder to get a little farther

Go for my goals, much like a martyr

Even if it means no tomorrow showin'

Be like the waters of the earth and keep flowin'

I'm bound to catch the right tune, good bass boom

Attract an audience that likes to move

Let the DJ cut, mix it up, and do whatever

Then let me rap on it, make it even better

Make a clever rhyme, outshine the dime-a-dozen

Thought they'd get somethin' buzzin'

But wasn't ready, so take a seat

while I get on the mic and take it to the beat

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Great lyrics like usual, I had problems trying to download the audio though...

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