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Favorite Short jokes


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We've allready got a Favorite Fat jokes thread so i figured that i'd make a favorite short jokes thread

Mine are:

From the episode Will gets a job:

Will - (to carlton) Are you gonna be needing a boosta seat there little boy?

Ashley - Will your like the big brother i never had

Will - What are you talking your got Carlton (thinks) of right i see what you mean

From the episode where Jazz gets married:

Will - (playing with a doll of a bride) Oh i found the man of my dreams! (Will shows a groom doll but it's much smaller than the bride doll) Marry me Carlton

I know there's more but that's all i can think of right now

oh here's a got one!

Carlton - Will you took a bullet for me!

Will - Well that's not realy true cause i still could have gotten hit from my belly button up

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My favorite is when Will and Carlton are at the Peacock. And Carlton is telling Will 2 like hurry up. And Will responds by saying sumthing like this

Will- Hold on there Chef Boyareyoushort. :lolsign:

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Carlton and Will argueing

Carlton- Why can't you act like an adult?

Will- Why can't you look like one?

Also the Cheifboyareyoushort one is one of my favorites. hahahahahahah

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