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Run-DMC Reissued Albums


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-Sony is re-releasing:

Run DMC (1984)

King Of Rock (1985)

Raising Hell (1986)

Tougher Than Leather (1988)

on Tuesday, Sept 6

These albums are being released as expanded editions in digi-paks. The albums will include unreleased mixes and live tracks, as well as all new liner notes from key MCs, producers and celebrities like 50 Cent, Chuck D, DJ Red Alert, Chris Rock, and Eminem. Also included are rare photos and memorabilia and an insert for official Run DMC ringtones.

Check out the website: http://www.rundmcmusic.com/

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I've been waiting on these.  Thanx 4 the reminder.  I gotta see what theis bonus stuff is.  I'll eventually have them all.

Mite wait and see what extras these have on them before i think about buying them

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Rev. Run's album comes out October 18th, I saw it listed over on amazon.com to release that date.

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They gotta re-release all the JJFP albums, especially the rare "Rock The House", when I get some money up I'm gonna get all the Run-Dmc albums remastered, I got "Raising Hell" and "Tougher Than Leather" but I'll probably rebuy them again too since they're collectors items from the greatest rap group ever.

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yeah it's wierd cuz 90% of people say Rasing Hell is the best, but Peter Piper just isn't a good song in my book! sorry! Mary Mary is phenomenal, Tougher Than Leather is dope, Papa Crazy is hilarious! Run's House is a great hype track. My Addidas and You Be Illin aren't as hype and more laid back... they just don't bring me the same energy. the track Raising Hell might be the best Run-DMC track ever made tho, i'll give u that.

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