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Im goin' to disneyland!

Jazzy Julie

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Im back! i had a brillient time. First off im very proud that i got us to France and back on the plane, bcoz i am known for being quite dizzy at times and not knowing where im going lol.

We stayed in a cowboy style hotel which was so cool, the whole street looked like it was straight out of a western and all the workers dressed up as cowboys which me and Kim were very pleased about lol.

I got a pic with Mickey, we felt a bit dumb in the queue with all these kids, then we saw another 2 girls a silimlar age and they were as excited as us haha. We saw loads of other characters but annoying foreign kids kept pushing in and i felt bad if i pushed in, in front of a kid lol.

We went on all the rides (apart from the little boring ones) and i think we saw all the shows, the lion king was amazing and so was a motor stunt one where a guy got set on fire.

I'll see if i can put pictires up but it depends how good/bad i look on them lol. But overall it was brillient and i feel tired but relaxed.

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and as julie returns, so do i...only i bring pictures with me...this time I am the one who shall post the stupid pictures and julie can find them later, mwhahahahaha

we shall start off with some nice ones;




i'll do some more later when i upload them ;)

Julie took off the other pictures :( she's no fun!

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