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ok well imma be on a radio show on tuesday next week anyone want a shoutout? :dope: haha imma shoutout wills new partystarter single aswell... so lemme know this gon be cool..

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The UK peeps would probably enjoy a shout out me included :3-laugh3:

Whats the web address for this station cos we could probably listen online.

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iono if its online you can search its 106.9 in london ontario! ok so far i got

JJFP fan community

all the people who have suffered because of the london incident

jhonny 5

kevtastic the dj



ill have to check the real names post to get real names and stuff

ill fasho shout out if u can find the online radio lemme know 106.9!!!!

remember its london canada

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U know Fresh Da Def, if this is North America's London of Canada, shout out FuQ. lol. Or if it's the more famous London, UK, shout out Brakes and get a buzz going or something. But yeah, the entire forum needs a major shout. Lately here, Tim's been obsessed with improving.

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Yeah, shout out the forum, shout me out if you want, try to get them to play Party Starter, and just give this site some love!

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