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I always thought I wanted to be in a relationship, but I know from experience, thats its better to be single and lonely, than in an mentally, emotionally and almost physically abusive relationship.

I think what you decided to do is probably the best thing for your kids, because abusive relationships will hurt your kids even more.

I`m in love with a Girl that is 13 and she likes me to but here Father and here Brother said wehn i come near to here it wouldnt look good for me so that`s what i cal a f""t up situation :lolsign:

Someone has an advice?

Hey, you're the cute one, aren't you? So don't worry, I'm sure you'll find many more hotties in your life. So forget about this 13 year old girl. Besides, it's not appropriate to mess around with a girl who's so young.

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however, i think when ur young and 16 years old u shouldn't be messing around with guys that are 23 cuz u know they're only after one thing.

i have to disagree. ok some guys might be like that but i've gotta say we went out for 3 years and not once did i ever feel like he pushed me into anything.

and Julie, i know what you mean about not being slutty. Some guys seem to only wanna know you if you're crude, outspoken and up for anything. I always think that's the problem with meeting guys when you go out; there are always girls there that are doing the most outrageous things on a dancefloor. It always really annoys me to see girls lower themselves simply to get male attention.

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That sucks, I went through that before when I wanted to get with a freshman girl during my senior year of high school and her parents wouldn't let her go out with me no matter how hard I tried to show her parents that I'm a "Mr. Nice Guy" but sometimes "Parents Just Don't Understand", lol, I basically moved on from that situation 'cause there's nothin' more I could do about it and I realised that she didn't like me as much as I thought she did so we don't even talk anymore, all you could do is try your best to show her brother and father that you care about that girl but if they still ain't feelin' it there's not much you could do about it.  I'm more focused right now on my goals than I am on relationships myself 'cause the few relationships I had in high school didn't really work out the way that I thought they would, it was just 'Teenage Love' like Slick Rick once said, lol, that's why we live and learn from our mistakes, sometimes you have to go through things before you understand, sometimes your parents tell you don't rush into love and you don't wanna believe them until you get heartbroken yourself, lol, I guess parents might understand afterall, lol! I wanna find somebody that doesn't play games and until then I'm just trying to work on what I have to accomplish, it may sound cliche but friends really do come and go that's why you have to stay focused on what you have to do more than what you have to do for someone that doesn't care that much about you deep down, it's hard to find a "Potna" for real!

I think you right!

I try to show them that i realy care about here and if it doesn`t works i just move on..

Thanks man!

So forget about this 13 year old girl. Besides, it's not appropriate to mess around with a girl who's so young.

I am 15..Only 2 years!

That wouldn`t be to much difrence right?

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Turntable, your age gap is cool. FreshPrincess, i just can't get down with an age gap like that. When i waz 23 years old, i wouldn't even consider seeing a 16 year old. I think even 18 would be pushing it.

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