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Everyone has different opinions and tastes...but i like it alot. It's got some old 60's and 70's R-N-B on it, along with new trax from Amerie, John Legend (produced by Will.I.Am or Black Eyed Peas), Omarion (a track from his album feat. Big Boi or OutKast), a Kevin Lyttle remix, and a brilliant song from Melanie Smith (who i'm guessing is a new comer 2 the music scene). Let's not 4get the 1991 Hip-Hop classic from Heavy D "Now That We Found Love." I like every song on it, howver, they used ALOT of music in that movie. I kinda wish that had an old skool version of it with all the 60's and 70's stuff, and a version of nothing but new music. U can probably preview the album on Amazon/CDnow.

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I do think it's important 2 keep his activity on the soundtracks of his own movies limited...but man this waz the soundtrack 4 him 2 be on. There isn't any love songs or songs about releationships on Lost + Found and u KNOW he recorded some. The Hitch soundtrack would have been the perfect place 4 them. And we all know "If U Can't Dance (Slide)" waz totally done with Hitch in mind. I could also easily see FP dropping a verse on Amerie's song, Omarion's song, and Melanie Smith's song.

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