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*New Song By Da Brakes*

Da Brakes

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Hey guys!!

I got a new song i'd like you all to listen to and give your feedback on!! All comments are welcome!!

Its called [b]'Understand'[/b] and can be found at


Thanks guys!!!

:dj: Edited by Da Brakes
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That song's tight, I love the beat and lyrics! :thumb: :thumb: :ohnoes:
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Lyrics are now up for those who wanted to read them or follow along to it!!

That beat was made in 'Reason 2.5' by a friend on my university course! He is a VERY talented guy and is teaching me a thing or two about producing!!

The sampled voice was from an old RnB song from a guy named Tank. All that was done was my friend took a line from the acapella of the song and simply pitched it up to fit with the track!!

I've also got a small studio set up in my bedroom as well (Condenser mic, mixing desk and PC) and thats how i recorded it! You don't really need to spend LOADS of money to start up your own mini studio. My entire set up came to under ₤400!

To record my vocals i used a programme called Cool Edit Pro which is PERFECT for people out there that wanna record vocals onto a track!!

Thanks for the comments guys!! Really appreciate it!! Edited by Da Brakes
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"Damn, I'm good." Rightly stated by Da Brakes. I loved this song. Phat all way around. Can anybody put the brakes on U? Ya voice reminds me of somebody. I'm thinkin E-40. But almost hard 2 tell.

Say, how'd u recoord that? Did u do it thru the speakers? (what I mean is the beat comin out the speakers and bein recorded in2 the mic)

And also this Cool edit pro. Is there one for Windows 98? I've tried two different ones, and they didn't work cuz of my system didn't support them. I appreciate the help.

I hope U do make it.
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I think somebody else on this board has told me I remind them a bit of E-$0!! Thats strange coz i don't think i've heard an E-40 track in my life!!

I recorded it thru headphones! If i would have done it thru speakers, i wouldn't be able to get a clera recording of my voice (eg if i wanted to prduce an acapella, then i'd still be able to hear the music in the background) The best way is to definately use headphones.

And Cool Edit Pro works on Windows 98!! Its the operating system that i'm using at the moment!!! I have to admit tho i did download my version!! :ohnoes:
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I would love a deal but its just so hard going about it!! What I am going to try and do tho is make a music video for a couple of songs for my sngs and put them on a channel called 'Channel U' Its good promotion and will hopefully attract some attention! Edited by Da Brakes
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