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Lyrical Trip


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Hey guys, wrote this today, just wanting some feedback on it. Thanks.

Lyrical Trip



It’s me, KB back on this lyrical trip

Without bombs, guns or any other miracle whips

Hatin what I see coming outta influential lips

Lines so wack it would make a 10 story building flip

So when these wack rappers ask my opinion

Blowing them off is a routine decision

I feel wack rhymers ain’t worth my time

Better sit and write my rhymes. deaf ear, eyes blind

Beefs started, rappers aren’t motivated to win

Spit a couple lines just waiting for it to end

When they’re on the front page suddenly it’s halted

Sell a couple K’s and then they bolted

Publicity stunt! What happened to the days

MC’s battling each other, dope verses without pay

Any money was welcome, green was appreciated

Now young bucks spend tons with wallets inflated

Egos inflated, but not giving any props

To the old skool cops who were still at the top

Til fads raided the top with their gun pops

Destroying young minds and destroying young crop

Haters were polluting mainstream with dirty shots

And then there began the downfall of hip hop

Ask yourself, does your rhyme make you think?

Does your rhyme keep you wondering or does it just sink?

K-B-F coming at you on this lyrical trip

Ripping rhymes, changing time in this miracle shift

Chorus (2x)

Freedom of speech, either true or false

Deceiving millions, leaving a loop-hole in the laws

We can rap, write smack, everything gets attacked

Record labels, hot tracks, but still no one’s got our backs

Some don’t recognize that this business is tough

First night of emceing leaves you thinking that’s enough

Everywhere you go rappers try and climb their way up

Probability shows most of ‘em are outta their luck

Picture this if you will, with everything you’ve dealt

with, a meeting with the head of a label in your belt

Waiting, wishing for that producer’s call home

Sitting next to the phone, hours later you’re still home alone

Finally give up, feel the sting of the slap

You weren’t good enough to deserve a damn call back

If anything, that would just make you stronger

Feeling vibes, hypnotized to stay in the game longer

F*** those producers, I can just make mine

With a pen, pad and mic that’s probably worth a couple dimes

Writing more story lines ignoring the time

There’s no time to relax just to get by

And then you realized you’ve given up everything you had

For a lousy 5 bucks a CD, 5 bucks an ad

By that time you know there’s no turning back

Gave your all to the game, but it didn’t give you jack

Your fate is the same as those enslaved blacks

Out in the cold waiting before your skull finally cracked

See, think hard before you follow the rap track

Make no mistake one little slip will get you laughed at


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I couldn't read the whole thing, cuz my comp seems to want 2 freeze...but one line --->> Hatin what I see coming outta influential lips ..

believe it or not...this reminds me of one small positive twyst Pep Love brings when he speaks about politicians in "Oh My God" ...




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Haha ,yeah thanks guys. I'm at my uncle's house and I'm about 2 go to church. I'll probably record it again tuesday or so cause I've been listening to the song on ipod and there are things i wanna change. So yeah, ill get it up soon. Later

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Yo, I found your page and check out both tracks. I thought it was funny that we used the instrumental for songs around the same time recorded.

Lyrical Trip - U got the right voice for it. It's very much on. You just need more attitude and be a bit better rhythmically in sync with the beat. Other than that, no compliants.

Female MC - Same advice with the other one. Also rap louder and keep ya voice up at a level.

I definately like what I hear.

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So I got to your page too by searching for the obvious 'KBF' :haha: after visiting Fuqs soundclick page, and you were really good at rapping too. But I cannot believe your accent is so damn strong, especially in Lyrical Trip. I'm really not used to this much strong accent. :lolsign:

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LOL. Thanks 4 the comments. I needa new mic though, I just don't have the money yet. Yeah I guess living in asia for 2 years will do that to a persons voice, but it's weird because I don't hear an accent when I talk normally. Thanks.

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