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Willenium vs. Lost and Found vs. Big Willie Style


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He also seems to have much more to say on Lost and Found. Party tracks are great, but the messages in songs like Tell Me Why, Mrs. Holy Roller and Could You Love Me and Party Starter will endure. Even the overall message in songs like Lost and Found and I Wish I Made That will have long standing... Lost and Found can apply to a plethora of different things, but also, what is "Lost" and what is "Found" in music will remain the same. Even if things get better in hip hop, "Lost" will still be

when you rhyme til your throat gets sore

But you don’t even believe what you say no more

and "Found" will still be

when you bleed heart into the mic

And the pain you sustain it can change a life

We will always be able to think back on Lost and Found and I Wish I Made That, 20, 30, 40 years from now and say... "Yeah, that was a time in Will's life when he wasn't receiving the respect that he should have had in music and he decided to speak out on it."

But again, time will tell.

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personally im not a huge fan of big willy syle, now dont get my wrong, its good but i feel like willennium is better. but when i listed to lost and found for the first time, every song i was so hyped cause it was so hot. with all the other cds, ive grown to love them. but with lost and found, it was "love at first sight"......but with my ears instead of my eyes.

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Well to me personally "Big Willie Style" is gonna stand the test of time since that was the 1st album from Will that I got, I don't think there'll ever be a time that people don't wanna have fun, it's a great feel good album! The messages on "Chasin' Forever" and "Just The Two Of Us" are timeless too, there's a lot of great messages on "Lost and Found" and "Willenium" that're gonna stand the test of time too, right now I'm feeling "Willenium" like I said yesterday!

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"I think I`m the only one that doesn`t like Willenium that much..I actuly like also Borne To Regin more"

.....wow lol

Yeah I`m geting used to that reaction :lolsign:

Some of my favorite Songs are on Wilenium but i dont like the whole Album that much..It is still cool tho!

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Willennium is his best album in my opinion. Sure, it needs a lil' tweeking with trax like "Freakin' It" and "Da Butta" but i think that it's where his is most at home.

Next up i like Lost + Found. My only problem with it is that he comes off a lil' forced on a few trax. The production isn't nearly as solid as most of Willenium.

Big Willie Style is just a great mainstream Hip-Hop album with some Hollywood flashyness 2 it.

I still think it's important 2 give Born To Reign props tho.' I love the lyrics on that album. The musical experiment aren't what we all wanted, but u gotta respect him 4 doing what he wanted and not what waz "hot."

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im not so sure why people didnt like B2R, i thought it was a great album, not his best, but still much better than most of the other albums out at the time, i liked tracks like momma knows, willow is a player, 1000 kisses and how the beat goes.

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