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current google rank for a "will smith" search #343 .. I've made some changes..so watch this space  :1-say-yes:

Up to 92... :yeah: I want in that top 10 for a "will smith" search


I need some help.. anybody who can find other will smith sites in google..or celebrity sites with a will smith apge etc.. I need to get links saying "Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff Fan Site" with a link to http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com

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this might also be helpful..linkin to the site at forums and in signatures

"Posting in forums and weblogs

Since forums and weblogs offer plenty of fresh content, search engine spiders tend to crawl them often. If you are a prolific contributor to these types of site and use a signature file with a link to your page, the more entries you post the more links to your page the search engines will find and add to their index. "

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i am not sure maybe its will be a good idea if we make dope review of the site and put it in message boards like that in http://imdb.com i mean topic like : ''Best site for Will '' or something but tell the forum its wake :lol: i dont wonna some lorettas here :1-say-yes:

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nope it wont work^^ man people don't care unless you have something fresha dn exciting you aint getting nowhere with member signups try having CONTESTS and things like that for prizes or something... try having a VIP section of the forum aswell it'll make people post more too.. well thats my opnion and if you post this site in LINK DUMPS your sure o get some attention... also people who use 6dailysurf.com and things like that can post for hits

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Yea, Tim... I think it will get up there sooner than later..but I love finding articles like these online abt Will (off the subject a little) ... I would like to think or hope some of these news highlights could boost his album sales...

ABC News



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