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The Day Before Tomorrow

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The Day Before Tomorrow

If you had all the power in the world, would you use it or throw it away?

If I told you tomorrow didn't exist, what would you do today?

Would you sleep a little longer, or rise with the morning light?

Would you apologize for all your wrongs, or try to go and make them right?

Would you smile and laugh a little more, or would you weep and moan?

Would you surround yourself with friends and family, or would you simply sit alone?

Would you sit down with nostalgia and reminisce, or shed a tear over the past?

Would you rejoice at thoughts of the future, or wonder which memory is the last?

What if I said none of this matters because your path has already been paved?

And With every goodbye you say, another memory has just been saved

Look at tomorrow like that memory, fleeting in the wind

And face today with respect and integrity because this is when it all begins

Don't take for granted what you have, never lust for what you don't

Because Today will always remember...everything Tomorrow won't


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When I was reading this, I could picture this being read among some of the best poetry published, like it was years ago and still relevant.

"Because Today will always remember...everything Tomorrow won't" - I had to read that line a 2nd and 3rd time before it stuck. Powerful end. U seem to have a very natural gift at this stuff.

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wow ur good. this poem really made me think about what i would do if there was no tomorrow. it's not somethin i'd like to think about but it's a possibility. i bet the people of 9/11 and of London on 7/7 thought there would be a tomorrow. that was a very deep, thought provoking poem Ashley. u've got some really good talent. keep it up.

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That's a really thought provoking poem, you're right we shouldn't take anything we have for granted and shouldn't lust for what we don't have in our lives, thanks for sharing that with us.

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