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Lost & Found Sales Update

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Yeah, that is what I figured, so Will is going up in places but not in actual sales, hopefully that will change.

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GO Will. I see that Will is slowly but sho~ly on an uphill rise... Me , personally... I think the more he gets out there on stage, and let ppl know hes still WIT IT,...it can do wonders for him... I hope that Live 8 helped in some way> regardless...



WE WANT WILL... lmbo

lets start a petition to get him out there promoting his stuff (and on tour IMMEDIATELY) !!! Starting with Philly, or ATLANTA!!!....

LOL. I'll make another trip to Philly 2 c him perform live! (pick up AJ on the way too). :lolsign:



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yeah 22, 287 down 11% I hope the party starter video gets released soon

Yay for milking Switch... lol. I don't think the video has a choice but to come out soon.

I guess this means that there was no Live 8 bounce... or perhaps will would have dropped even further if it wasn't for the Live 8...

Yeah... Party Starter... it's about that time.

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Not good news, I don't know what is taking so long for Party Starter!

:word: They are waiting to long to release the video!

yep and dont know why album sales is going down still not too but ... and there is no real good single or video out there to make a big competition except Missy , Ciara and maybe a little bit Rihanna with Pon De Replay

really dont know why is taking so long :shakehead:

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