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Will Smith story

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The vet i work with told me this story because he knows im really into Will.

He said his girlfriends workmate went to Manhatten on holiday. Now she is a 60 year old woman from the countryside and was really nervous about going to America after hearing about all these bad things that go on. (dont worry it gets more interesting than this).

She was staying in this really posh hotel. She was in the lift/elevator by herself and was going to the restaurant to get something to eat. The lift stopped and a big black man got in followed by an even bigger black man. They just happened to be Will Smith and his bodyguard. She didnt know this as she is too old to really know him and got quite nervous. She decided to stay in the lift as it would be rude to walk out as they entered.

Will told the woman to hit the floor, as in the button to go to the bottom floor. The woman literally hit the floor expecting the men to get a gun out and so she dropped to the floor cowering. So Will and his bodyguard found this hilarious and were rolling about the lift in fits of laughter and couldnt even talk to the poor woman because they were laughing so much. They got to the bottom floor and the woman walked off embarassed to the restaurant.

After her meal she went to pay for it and found the bill had already been paid and she was given a note saying " thanks for the best laugh i have had in ages, Will Smith" with a free drink.

Just thought id share this with you coz i thought it was brillient and it shows how kind Will is, even tho he laughed at a poor old woman haha! And its a good job Will didnt take offence to the woman being scared of him, maybe she saw Ali?

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thanx for the link brakes. Wow this makes me look bad, i didnt even read that post on willsmith.com , trust me i wouldnt wanna copy what hey write. Its the same story but a little different. Im so confused, the only explanation is it must be the same woman who we know. (Well i dont know her, to be perfectly correct its the vets,girlfriends, sisters, workmate, i just shortened it for less confusion).

Damn i wish i never posted it now, it makes me look like a lier.

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