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lost and found rises

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its funny early on the official soundscan figures posted at urban connect were higher than hitsdailydoubles predictions.. lately its been lower..either way hopefully that increase holds.. if Will can maintain this pace lost and found will go gold in about 4 weeks..not bad for a rapper hell any musician releasing their 9th album

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:yeahthat: Not bad 4 any rapper who didn't have any help. Will is promoting this album on his own n he's doing a hell of a job. I can't wait till Will hits gold status. So he can tell the whole rap industry to kiss his @$$ :haha:

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Urbanconnect are the guys behind soundscan and so, they got the actual numbers, hitsdailydouble are only preliminary.

Who gives a damn about if the guy who comments them are biased? Those are the actual numbers of every sold album.

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