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silvertiger/charming vs badboys/w3


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Start your runnin runnin runnin
Cause a silver tigers comin
I'm huntin my prey
And it seems that one thinks they a bad boy
But I know you just a sad boy
Trying to gain recognition
It might just be intuition
But it seems to be, you just wanna be friends
Make friends, break friends
Don't have the skill to gain friends
That's why, you tryin gain cred
You battlin on the net for fake friends
Next we got WWW
Original name esta nada
Don't run you signed up for the pain
The thrashing, no checks for cashing
I'm stashing all the talent, come get it
If you got talent in your mouth, come on and spit it
Or quit it, don't be waisting our time
You win you lose, but mostly you lose
You win cause I let you off with just a warning
I'm sorry to have to be so scorning
Children must learn somehow
First time you touch fire you always say "OW!"
Kapow! You've the flexibility of Action League Now
How you gonna flow when you move so stiff?
Don't worry I'm strong, I can give you the lift
We needa come together as one
And just admit that we won
But we doesn't include a bad boy and wild
If you two were A1 you're flavor would be mild
Well I'll see you in 30, cause you're backin bags in 60

God Blessa! Edited by djsilvertiger
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The magnificent duo yeah we back together
Spits and flows, they be hot like the Cuban Weather
Cuz when it comes to Havana
We go together like Will and Tatyana
Boy, we knock u out
Without a doubt they’ll go on about
The time W3 and BB went all out
Silvertiger- that’s right I’m a bad boy
Kill that tiger now and be like Siegfried and Roy
Ur laughin at our names but dude tale a look at yours
Crouchin tiger didn’t cut it, u had to have more
U guys better quit now just throw in the towel
FrshPrncecharming, u wanna buy urself a vowel?
Ill be honest to u like Simon Cowell
Ur dreadfulness should be counted as a technical foul
Its not true what they say that’s why im stoppin it today
Easy come easy goes but I say no way
Talkin bout talent, what is this - A talent show?
Learn from the best cuz u got no flow
Sun up to sun down, from L.A. to Chi-Town
Be known all around like Kanye cuz ull all fall down
When u here the sound of two emcees wit the crown
My raps come endless as u come defenceless
Take the time to write more lines that ain’t gon’ be senseless
Silvertiger writing rhymes is like a secret that aint broken
Never been, is, or ever will be spoken
What u say isn’t right don't believe what he says it is
On top of it I never let these cats steal my successes
I see u strugglin' wit ya rhymes careful now don't u choke
I bring it hard like Rakim cuz yo I Ain't No Joke
Realized ur rap was bad man so u had to edit it
Silvertiger can take the loss and all of the credit
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To the Naughty Kid and the World Wide Web
You Might as Well Jump 'cause you're on the edge
Silvertiger's flows pushed you to the ledge
and I'ma push you off, consider me a wedge
Listen little badboy whatcha gonna do?
I was gonna do an essay, but thought "Nah, I'll defeat you"
Right now you're chillin in your Sean John gear
But listening to my rhymes'll make your longjohns smeared
Thought ya could defeat us, that's a bit queer
Queer, as in weird I'm not saying you're gay
'Cause I know when we drew dub3 and badboy you'd have a bad day
Talent show? Yeah this a talent show we spit now you gots ta walk away
Call up dub3 and rap with him on your two way
You tried to bring it, but we aint Burger King
You won't have it your way
Y'all might as well try to be an Idol, go ahead sing
'Cause spittin and flowin, that's more our thing
I just past sixteen lines and it feels like kicking a dog that's down
Don't frown badboy once dub 3 steps up it'll be him I clown
Dub3 why don't you go 'head and take a rest
Going up agaisnt the best got you heavin in ya chest
I'm Frsh and so's my rhymes that leave you in a daze
You sit there for hours just shocked and amazed
I spit and come up with elaborate ways
To speed by you to get the next phase
Battling against us'll leave y'all with abrasions
If ya battle us again there'll be more hesitation
Try us again and you'll lose that confrontation
Look at this I still got time to write my essay
Looks like I got to stop clowin today
I know about clownin' 'cause I saw the It
Now you know my flows are the hot ish.
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I be back 2 attack these wack cats on crack
BB, W3 be potnas in da game like Kobe and Shaq
I don't make a fuss I spit my lyrics without one cuss
I use intelligence as excellence not disturbance 4 acceptance
This ain't no coincidence
Why u talkin' bout friends when it's clear u got none
Spendin' cash on trash 2 flash what u flaunt but u got none
U weak with the ladies so u drink Nelly's pimp juice
This rap's the first of my deuce, kung fu kick u like Bruce
Lemme introduce u 2 Hip-Hop cuz all u do is abuse
My lyrical content is da truce whilst yours is pure fiction
U spit a few lines then u change ur mind that's contradiction
Keep editing ya rap til it's nothin' but fiction
U be comin' all hard like u got alotta skillz
But it seems like all u been doin is poppin dem pills
I laugh at these newbies' attempt 2 look like rap lords
W3 and BB been defeating suckas since the last JJ+FP board
Ya rhymes sound like broken records cuz they be skippin and not stunnin
Must be trippin cuz soon we'll see u'll both be "runnin runnin runnin"
We spit flows like we pros givin out lyrical throws
Ya fear shows that the case is closed, we'll defeat all foes
Rappin' since I waz young now I be kickin' it full time in live shows
Will u beat us? K-OS said it best - Heaven Only Knows
U use the word clown alot seems like u got an obsession
I don't wanna hear bout ya life story, 'specially ya profession
And how many times u gonna use the "dog that's down" line?
U must be thinkin' of ya potna...now u know that's way outta line
Why do these idiots use nursery rhymes in their raps?
Maybe 2 make themselves feel better but they'll still collapse
FrshPrnceChrming u tried gettin up and already fell
Quit givin' us nicknames and go learn how 2 spell
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Welcome me back, cause you're gonna be saying goodbye
Right about the time you see the judges cry
The rhymes that I'm reading are not enough for feeding
You talk like you all that but you not in the leading
Then you get on about how I edited my post
But unlike you all my freestyle gets the most
In other words, when I have a typo I fix it
Unlike you two, who'd be happy to get a biscuit
Back to the point at hand, I had a typo, you had a million minutes to correct
Even with that time, your rhyme was cheaper than a call collect
Now put that in effect W3 sounding like a wreck
You copy your potna and make up lies
Now it's time to swat down these flies
Making subtle comparisons, rhymes barely fairin in
And no I don't spend money on the flashy things
25 Cents is the most I've ever spent on bling
And still they just the participation prizes
This what you get when charming and the tiger rises
Don't despise this, I simply can't hide this
I'm bringing you the truth and you simply being petty
I don't have to spell do I? ARE YOU READY?
Fight me, but remember that I'm the K.O. king
Like david and goliath feel the small bee's sting
Not right not left no political wing
I'm starting to hate this cause I know that it's all fake
All elaborate rhymes, not one free take
Humor me please, don't pause in a road freeze
The working of the future are done and here is the product
Intellectual battles are the key to the concept
So when we have to battle the likes of you it's like taking two steps back
Let it go now, you're making your own wrecks
See you later now as I laugh like Woody Pecks

God Blessa!
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So sorry bout the wait guys! Busy weekend! :dunno:

Feel the burn of my return got warmed up now it's my turn
Again u gotta learn so u better be concerned
Talkin' bout how we'd be happy 2 get a biscuit
Ya rhymes make no sense so don't come back don't risk it
I see the judges cry? and ya wonderin why
U and ya potna gonna lose while me and mine just deny
All u fake fly guys that don’t know how to apply
The flow and the content 2 ur rhymes so don’t even try
U should feel proud when u win those participation prizes
Ill bow down 2 the crowd when I hear da cries from u guys
By replying, u slowly dying
As u desperately keep on trying but I just keep on denying
Typo this and then typo that
Go back to school kid cuz u aint fit for combat
From oldschoolrap 2 hiphopremix all the way 2 what u got now
U be bruised and confused how u gonna beat us i wonder how
Like a video game player with a scholarship I eliminate ya ass and pass
We graduate on 2 the next round while u in da hip hop beginner's class
The working of the future is what u assumed
If that’s the case than all of mankind will soon be doomed
U see they call em rhymes for a reason there buddy
Put 2 and 2 together it aint that hard to study
But while we leavin', u can go on and keep on believin'
Achievin' nothin but failure while u sit there below us, grievin'
So big bad tiger what u gonna do now?
Wheres Tony and Mr. Woods, wheres ull whole crew now?
And Chrming, he's still daydreaming bout being in fairy tales
Bout being wit a princess and on and on wit the details
So that princess turned out to be a tiger that winked, it was distinct
The prince died in peace and the tiger went extinct
I be the winner of the battle disguised as just another lyricist
The judges will realize that I'm one half of the illest
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If you’re Shaq and Kobe then this is the ’97 season
The Lakers didn’t win and that would be the reason
Like Stockton to Malone we’ll show boph y’all the sweep
Time for you to weep, Shh not time for you to speak
Unlike my rhyme scheme you know your rhymes are just weak
It’s what happens when I seek out to battle with the meek
Maybe you need a beat or strategies from the Greeks
I’ll keep it simple, you just don’t have the flair
We know I’ve got the talent
I’m Charmng and debonair
You’re clumsy, you’re ungainly, just plain inelegant
I know your last spit was leaving you very spent
Like you sold your tableware but still couldn’t make the rent
Now for the badboy that’s steppin’ to the plate
My rhymes’ll leave you blind like sprayin you with the mace
Yo this ain’t a marathon, it’s a sprint pick up the pace
You tried to rap battle but it ends up in disgrace
Like videogames? Since 1987 I've been considered an ace
I'll be the one to put you back into place
In this game I'm a rappin deity
I've become the savior to stop your depravity
You stepped in the game without realising the gravity
of your situation, your skills have a limit, no longevity
I can rap in one breath from here to eternity
I think y'all need help you're hip hop challenged
up till now you've found a way to manage
Vanilla Ice is like Pac compared to ya
Wild's suffering paranoid schizophrenia
You suffer from delusions obtained through jealosy
I'm wonderin if you still think that you're Kobe
Wild one here's 32 for you to spin
.1 on the clock still think you can win?
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First of the next but last of this round
'97 has passed its 04, look around
Malone's gained some pounds and Stockton ain't around
We in pursuit 4 our crown and u still usin' ya famous word clown
Tired of the same old flow so I think I'll mix it up
U be talkin' bout Greeks but u don't even know wussup
Still wanna be Malone now? Cuz he's really gettin' older
Can u be "debonair" and brush the dirt off my shoulder
I've made a dedication 2 beat u it's now been made my life
U carry a lyrical weapon but it's only a butter knife
As I keep on rappin' my skill will just increase
In Hip Hop I'm in tip top shape while u just obese
We've now owned both u and this round while u still livin' on rental
Been postin' in this thread 4 a week and u haven't yet tapped our potential
So silvertiger says that I sound like a wreck?
Who's the one sayin he's Woody Wood Pecks?
If that's so, I'm Buzz Buzzard and i'm gonna break u into specks
I'm tired with this whole battle and our lyrical rally
So I hope u enjoyed this round cuz this is the finale
We've got the strong glove and we're about 2 give u a crunch
Like Muhammad Ali we'll knock u out wit one punch
So we're David and ur Goliath yeah ok we get the point
But this story is edited like ur raps so sorry 2 disappoint
We've switched it up and now it's obvious that we've won
Cuz I'm a legend-master-emcee like Reverend Run
Chrming u keep sayin' wild, but I think I know why
U still upset that the Child beat u by 1.3 and now u will cry
I've given u my 30 now it's late, time 4 me 2 get some shut eye
Whoever sees this rap first will have the honor of being screened
Tell ya boy my potna's Eric B and I'm da new microphone fiend
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