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Guest Prince
The colours in each post are very strange, but still the contents there. THANKS fan 4ever for posting that direct link, because when I tried to access it from the boards main page it wouldn't work. Strange, but wow does that post bring back the memories...
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[font="Arial"][color=blue]LOL...thanX 4 those links u guys,...I really just went back down "Memory Lane"...we sure had alot of fun back in those good ol days...but like a friend of myne said to me on the release of his album, "Those were the good ol days, but the good NEW days are on the way. BET!!!"


And just think...some of us are STILL here :biggrin: ...not all tho :tear:
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  • 5 months later...
Ah, was reading through that again. Very nice to reminisce.

Anybody remember this?

I was always intending on getting Wes to put me there, but kept delaying it. Too late now though...
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the official site back in '98

and again in '99

Unfortunately the "Willennium" site doesn't appear to remain in the archive. I really liked that site, since it was when I joined the board.
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Tim... :sonny:

Edit: Look at who was viewing the forum at that exact moment. Edited by Prince
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That's crazy!! Man, those were the days. We are kinda re-creating a huge tight group again...we just disagree alot more. :kekeke: A few months ago i PMed and e-mail all of the old members that i could and only received a few replies with ultamatly have amounted 2 nothing.

I talked 2 Kwei awhile ago. He's still recording and doing shows from time 2 time.
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