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tatyana ali in new video

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Yeah I heard about this single, I think this is the deepest song he's ever done, I hope it gets airplay, this is better than most songs out now, I guess he's not just trying to bite off of FP's comedy after all, my opinion changed about him, I might think about checkin' out his new album! :kool: This is sorta off-topic though, this should be a topic over "Caught In The Middle"! :peace:

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I heard a 7 second snippet of the the instrumental of this new track...and it sounded good. Is there anywhere i can hear the track or peep the video?!?

It's hard 2 imagin Tatyana playing anyone's mother (since she's in her 20's). But i'm just glad 2 hear she's in the spotlight. This is the biggest thing she's done in a long time. Nick Cannon didn't really bite FP's comedy style when it comes 2 music. If u listen 2 all of his music, he's got a bit of everything.

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yeah she plays his mother:)) :kekeke:

cause it's a story about whats happend 20 years ago (maybe more) when she was in pregnant whith him and she want to (i dont know how to tell this in english) "cut him out" or somethin' :) and he is thankful to her and blablabla...

so it's quiet nice......... i really like that song...

btw - no, i'm not from willsmith.com board. why u ask??

and sorry for off-topic but i didnt know where to put this new... :) peace

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I haven't really seen Nick Cannon release anything different than what any commercial rapper is doing until now that's why I'm haven't been really into him as a fan and not too many hip-hop heads are, I downloaded a few of the tracks from his last album but they didn't impress me much, since he gives props to ol' school hip-hop artists like FP and Slick Rick I can't really diss him too hard 'cause there's other commercial rappers out there comin' out that give no props to ol' school hip-hop artists whatsoever, but since Nick Cannon released this song I have to say that he's coming around as an artist, I still think that there's a whole bunch of underground mcs and hip-hop legends that deserve more shine though for putting in the work that they do too but that's just my preference. Anyway props to Nick Cannon for trying to be a hip-hop artist not a pop rapper! :thumb:

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