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Switch in israel

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on one week up from 23 to 13, isnt it gre8? :wiggle:

but there's still a lot of work 2 do, i think it can get easlly 2 the 3rd place

but i dont think it will psses "candy shop" the israelys loves that song... :nono:

any way ill do my best keep voting and keep make other vote,

if yall wanna help then plz get in here:


u need to click "הצבע עכשיו" the yellow font right next the name of the song (Switch of curse)

if u mest up wit that just write it in here i'll help u...

THX!!! :thumb:

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WOOWW dude i'm really sorry! i thought you are Adir..he is a friend of mine and he don't take my cursing seriuslly..it's a kind of friendly thing between us LOL.

yes i'm from israel too..a big will smith fan since when men in black released

hooo lol its ok man

its good 2 know u from israel 2, i think that we r 4 israely members right now...

and im sorry 2 for cursing u...

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