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Worst Solo Video


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  1. 1. Worst Solo Video

    • Just Cruisin
    • Men In Black
    • Gettin Jiggy W/ It
    • Just the Two Of Us
    • Miami
    • Wild Wild West
    • Will2K
    • So Fresh
    • Freakin It
    • Black Suits Comin
    • 1000 Kisses
    • Switch

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For all those people who think "...Jiggy..." is the worst video must 4get the way music and videos were back in 1997. I think the "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" video is fly. U can't defend the song saying it waz a party joint and then diss it cus the video is just as light hearted as the song. :nhawong:

the video was damned hot .. one of my absolute favs .. this glittering video style is simply amazing .. just like this unbelievable hot hawaiian girl and the last shot in front of the statue of liberty .. :thumb:

damned this video is crazy .. :peace:

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I voted for the MIIB video because i didn't like the flying platform. It is a dope song, and the rest of the video is okay. I really like focusing on the positives of Will's work, instead.

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The only video I've seen is Wild Wild West and I liked that one. So I guess I'm not voting. I can't find the Will Smith music video collection or the JJFP video collection anywhere!! I haven't even seen the Switch video yet!! But there was a post that said it was on the Top 20 videos on VH1 so I'm gonna see that tomorrow and I am not going to miss it!!! This is the moment that I finally see the video!! I see the light!!! :kekeke: :kekeke:

I finally saw the "Switch" video, and I love it!! I know it's a simple plot, but it's a simple song! He looks hot in it too!! :peace:

I also saw the Will Smith video collection. Gettin Jiggy Wit It was sooooo funny!! I burst out laughing when I saw him in that Egyptian costume!! I also liked the Will2k video, especially the part when he was wearing the afro wig and the star shaped glasses! I burst out laughing at that too!! And the part when he's dressed up in the future!! :hilarious:

So anyway, The video I would vote to be the worst would have to be MIB. It was just bland, and there wasn't much dancing or energy or anything.

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