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Wtf is a Potna?

as u'll notice, under each person's name there's a title! u happen 2 be a Real Member. there are lots of different titles. Real Members are just regular people who post on the board. Potnas are people who have proven themselves 2 be honest, trustworthy, and most of all, huge JJFP fans. people who have just joined in past months perhaps havent yet established trust in Tim's eyes. in order 2 be a potna, u gotta stick around for a while. Potnas have they're own board that only they can see.

one easy way 2 become a Potna right now is take a pic of ur JJFP collection and show it 2 Tim. if u have all of the JJFP albums (besides Rock The House) he will probably let u become a potna. if u don't have all the albums or dont have a digital camera, don't worry cuz if u keep stickin around this board and earn a good reputation u'll get what u deserve! :wiggle:

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Kbfprince, i am indeed, dont get me fooled, is just that i havent been able to find them but soon im getting all of them, well most of them im deffo getting code red, homebase and hes the dj and im the rapper...

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AJ found the song on the import version of Lost & Found in Japan! He wanted to make the song available for the Pontas! But for some reason the song got up here! I'm just saying, a lot of peeps have been down with Will and this board and each other...we trust each other (not that we don't trust you)! It's just that we have this sort of family thing going on! If you stick around long enough you will become a potnas to!

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Who says it's forbidden? You can do that if you would like to! We just don't want these rare tracks and x-clusive tracks to posted here where everyone, including people who aren't even a member of this board, can download the songs!

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